new song > that sin

April 7th, 2014
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sin is the Blood of Satan

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8

God never lays the sin of the human race on anyone saving Himself; the revelation is not that God punished Jesus Christ for our sins, but that “Him who knew no sin He made to be sin on our behalf…” The relationship set up between Adam and the devil was self-realization, not immorality and vice, but, my claim to my right to myself, whether it is manifested in clean living or unclean living is a matter of indifference; sin is the fundamental relationship underneath. Sin is not wrong doing, it is wrong being, independence of God; God has taken the responsibility for its removal on the ground of the Redemption. The condemnation is not that a man is born with the heredity of sin; a man begins to get the seal of condemnation when he sees the Light and prefers the darkness (see John 3:19). The great miracle of the Redemption is that I can receive an absolutely new heredity, viz., Holy Spirit; and when that heredity begins to work out in me, I manifest in my mortal flesh the disposition of the Son of God.


The Redemption is Gods battle unto death with sin.


that sin… keys, world beats, noise, lust, dissonance, the undoing, the briar strangling the rose, the beast, the cry, forgiveness, deliverance, a lively hope…

that sin

O Christ, have pity on all men when they come

March 25th, 2014
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Unto the border haunted of dismay;
When that they know not draweth very near–
The other thing, the opposite of day,
Formless and ghastly, sick, and gaping-dumb,
Before which even love doth lose his cheer:
O radiant Christ, remember then thy fear.


new tune > coffee and snare rolls

March 6th, 2014
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this is what I had for breakfast today…a little background; I was pouring cream into my coffee, and a lyric about cream and half and half started up…somewhat relentless…no problem (I sez to myself) I will hum / sing it until it goes away but it didn’t. The melody is actually not bad – the lyrics – meh. So I run down to the studio to exorcise the idea – with plan to finesse the thing later. I was messing with a drum thing – and boom – off the path again I go into an idea with a long snare roll. I like rolls, snare and otherwise. So basically my coffee sat upstairs getting cold while I layered a bunch of drums down in b-works studio and here we are. The melody is kinda fun with subharmonics – if you have a decent stereo your walls will probably rattle a bit.coffeeandsnarerolls


February 18th, 2014
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Here are some quotes from Oswald Chambers, written in his work “Disciples Indeed“. I like the pragmatic and realistic approach to Christian discipline. Further – as always truth applies across discipline, so if you write, do music, paint, create art, or are working toward any goal that requires study, you will see applications in these nuggets of wisdom.

Study to begin with can never be easy; the determination to form systematic mental habits is the only secret. Don’t begin anything with reluctance.

Beware of any cleverness that keeps you from working. No one is born a worker; men are born poets and artists, but we have to make ourselves “laborers”.

The discipline of our mind is the one domain God has put in our keeping. It is impossible to be of any use to God if we are lazy. God won’t cure laziness, we have to cure it.

Inspiration won’t come irrespective of study, but only because of it. Don’t trust inspiration, use your own “axe” (Psalm 74:5). Work! Think! Don’t luxuriate on the mount!

The demand for inspiration is the measure of our laziness. Do things that don’t come by inspiration.
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new song > torrent divine

February 11th, 2014
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hello all – hope you are having a great February! Up today is a new song called torrent divine. The modern interpretation of torrent is usually an illegal download site of software and other digitally transmitted items…however originally it meant “a strong and fast moving stream of water or other liquid” to which I will massage into “a strong and fast moving stream of Gods power”. I have been messing with time lapse photography which is featured in this video…I bumped into a very cool indoor waterfall which I shot with my phone – but it seems to work well despite its “low-fi” quality. Most of the footage features Northland snow conditions since, well, that’s what I got here. The song features a busy drum groove – which I offset with a simple moog and bass guitar underpinning. We got some choir – some edgy bells and looking to the horizon-ish guitarry stuff and even a 5 part harmony…this is the second song I have done recently with a long single stroke snare roll thing…dunno why actually, it just seems to fit. So below, we have an audio only version 1st, then Flash, then Quicktime, the I-pad, so all devices mobile and otherwise should be able to partake. Lyrics are below the media links. Cheers!

torrent divine

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Quicktime file torrent divine

ipad file torrent divine

torrent divine

hey hey what do you say
The good Lords here to bless today
He’ll cut the ribbon on a brand new road
If you grab His hand He’ll lighten the load

My oh my get wings to fly
From the chaos and sin and devils that try
To take you from the better plan
Oh Christ my Lord I know you can

In the torrent divine

Batter batter batter batter batter batter swing
Gonna swing for the fence for the Lord is King
When haters and faithless and doubters be strong
They’ll be going to the place where night is long

Groove soul vibe play
Oh so much in your life today
Lets get it right with a brand new start
Holy Spirit fill our hearts

In the torrent divine


van gogh on the gift…

January 16th, 2014
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feel free to substitute songwriter, drummer, or other passions in place of painter…

” Now, the art trade brings with it certain prejudices that I believe you may perhaps still cling to, particularly ideas that painting is a gift — well yes, a gift, but not as they make it appear; one must reach out and take it (and that taking is a difficult thing), not wait until it manifests itself of its own accord. There’s something to it, but it’s absolutely not as they make it appear, one learns by doing. One becomes a painter by painting. If one wants to become a painter, if one has passion, if one feels what you feel, then one can do it, but this can go hand in hand with difficulty, worries, disappointments, times of melancholy, of powerlessness and all that. That’s how I see it. I find it so stultifying that I had to make a little scratch to take my mind off it; forgive me, I’ll say no more about it, it’s not worth the effort.”

v van gogh > starry night


new tune > drum boom

January 9th, 2014
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some drums – some synths – some percussion – some other stuff
and… wait for it…

drum boom – happy belated 2014!

drum boom

the M initiative…

October 15th, 2013
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this is the iconic M I am thinking of representing the initiative. The “M” logo if you will. Not sure yet – I might have a friend design a better one, I’ll seek his opinion on the matter. M is for many things;
Minnesota, music, Roman number M=1000, magnificent, marginal, motivated, miraculous, mirthful, massive, moot, monstrous, money, AND MORE!!!!! And, well, this – my friends is just the tip of the M initiative iceberg…with winter in MN coming you know there is more to the story – and more will be forthcoming. In the meantime do you like this M?

the M initiative icon

the M initiative icon

…there is not enough human approval –

October 6th, 2013
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to replace the will of God. It will never matter how much the voices of mankind shriek in unison for the fame of the current chosen. God’s will, like a blanket rests comfortably over everything that happens – protecting what is true.


new song > hootchie gootchie bye bye

September 27th, 2013
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this song took a lot longer than the usual for several reasons…I enjoyed practicing singing it, I had an epic computer crash, there was a musician I wanted to play bass and he said he would play on the song but never came through (so I had to play it), I was also going through a mixing and mastering book and wanted to try my hand on this one…enough excuses? No? Oh – I also wanted to try an animation effect that took some learning. The animation kind of reminds me of those firework snakes I used to light when I was little, only this one is digital and emits music notes. OK anyway, so the song itself “hootchie gootchie bye bye” is about the evil other. There is a mix of live instruments (guitar, harmonica, bass, drums percussion) and synth / samples, layered vocals… I did the one man band on this, hopefully you like it. I have 3 versions of the video – flash and tablet / ipad friendly. So first button is audio only, second is with flash animation, and the third is a link to a Quicktime file, after that the ipad video is linked.. Lyrics in video and below. hootchie gootchie bye bye

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Quicktime file hootchie gootchie bye bye

ipad file hootchie gootchie bye bye


hootchie gootchie bye bye

well you said you’d go
but you don’t
and I guess I wonder why

why you keep hangin round
beggin me baby please

you go all around draggin down
everyone no use

I can feel its time to
fly fly fly away
now let me be

well go away its okay
I ain’t gonna sit and cry

cry for you a river
that will surely be the end of me

I’m cuttin loose from the noose
I ain’t hangin on your lies

goodbye hootchie gootchie goodbye
I am settin myself free

well if what you see is what you get
what you get will soon be gone
when it’s gone it’s safe to bet
I’ll be on my way home

oh lowly now hootchie gootchie bye bye