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joy of the Lord is my strength

Well, this song, joy, posed some new challenges – including a drum solo. In psalm 7 David uses the word shiggaion in the title of the psalm, which is from the word shaga “to reel with drink”. It is also used to denote strong emotion and impassioned imagination. Psalm 7 is considered a psalm of

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Check it

Fancy schmancy biography in the about section. People that spoke of themselves in the 3rd person always made me nervous (so i changed it hahahahahahahha). I might have to find a place between this and “loves ethnic food and outdoors” type schlock.

Hey all

I will probably finish the latest tune this weekend…God willing. It will be interesting in that it will be a tune with a drum solo in it…(I can hear the groans already)…well – don’t forget I am a drummer at heart, and it will be a short solo OK? 40 seconds tops…how’s that for self

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Only For You

I thought I’d experiment with a kind of vocal thingy – you might call it a falsetto, although I think the official description would be “√≥ut of my range”…I think it scared my wife…she listened to it and said “why are you doing this” – I didn’t have a good answer. For now I’ll use

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New Song! someshine