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new banner – week free

Saturday, June 28th, 2008
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Well – I have a week free – vacation style…it looks like I will be able to do some long neglected things, like write. I have been putting off writing – even though I have a couple of tunes going through my head demanding exit. I am still debating how much I want to fix some stuff I have already more or less done…it’s a debate – and you will know when the decision is made, especially because the songs will change. Jesse shot some clouds out the car window last weekend – and voila – new banner.

good day

Monday, June 16th, 2008
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whats been up? well – the somewhat frantic aspects of parenthood to name one thing… the summer sport thing is sometimes a bit hilarious – all weekend tourneys etc etc..

I may be toying with “joy”at some requests…I am planning a download link here pretty quick too.. I’ve been getting requests to be able to download stuff…but never in the comment area – that would be too obvious eh? (you know who you are)…



Sunday, June 8th, 2008
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I was doing a keyword search today for praise, going through to Hebrew origin. I was reading a psalm and I was surprised to find the first 3 meanings have to do with what I would call an action of attack. 1) throw, 2) shoot arrows, 3) cast down – look for yourself-> praise
Now, one of the first questions I ask is – who are we throwing down or shooting arrows at…God? Of course not – it would seem to me praise is a weapon against the enemy. God I believe savors our praise for the simple reason we are acknowledging what is true, and that is good. The enemy however can’t stand it – and is thrown down and flees at the sound of praise. God advises us to praise him – because He knows it will protect us. And our loving Father wants us safe. So, whenever you sense a need for defense and protection I would advise you to burst into praise – the devil will flee.