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ok ok…

breathe already – song tentatively called ‘what it is’..the general direction looks like this…plenty of room to roam.

new song in pipeline…

actually – it isn’t in a literal pipe line…it is more in my mind, bits on a hard drive – there is a folder on a dvd with some stuff too..this one is a gonna be more direction acid jazz/funk/soul. Aren’t tags great? Don’t they clear things right up? I was debating putting up my

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being sorry, guilt and shame

There seems to be a lot of new Christians that struggle with the concepts of guilt and shame and proper sorrow. Some teachers and counselors will argue all shame is bad – for example, and others will say we are guilty sinners and we had better admit it and live with it. I am not

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new audio interface a-comin

had some help from a fellow musician overseas to put together a new audio interface which will allow for more options than just play and stop…..should have something up at “music” soon.

creative core

I was reading recently a writer that described God as the creative core. He (George Macdonald) said that we can better call poets “finders”- since the ideas we “get”are found and given to us from God. I so agree with this. “Why…” he adds “…are you so surprised by the idea, if it was yours

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New Song! someshine