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good progress

spent about 4 hours organizing and working through the studio yesterday…I can’t believe all of the wires I have…I should be wireless…just thinking out loud. I have no idea really what kind of solutions there are out there, but will be looking into that. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas break.

little drummer

I always wanted to do a version of this, originally I was using the piano to figure out the notes, and decided to keep the stripped down version, some arp’d syth ya’know – stufflikethat….hope you like it. little drummer

Merry Christmas

Thou hast not made, or taught me, Lord to care For times and seasons – but this one glad day Is the blue sapphire clasping all the lights That flash in the girdle of the year so fair – When thou wast born a man, because alway Thou wast and art a man, through all

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Mary and Joseph

sometimes it is interesting to consider how Joseph must have felt – being engaged to Mary, and then getting the news she is pregnant, before they were married, and before he had ‘known’ her. In those days the knowledge of how people got pregnant was as common as today. Granted, Joseph received news of this

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well, we need t-shirt ideas

there is still a little more time if you have a brilliant idea for the idrum image…did I say idrum…whose idea was that?? Well – don’t worry – we don’t have a final decision yet – though we do have some noteworthy entries! There are some very cool changes coming, one specifically tied to the

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contest announcement

i am working on a drum project that will include this logo – am considering some catchphrases like “idrum” – and “get wings – drum”…you are invited to enter a phrase in the comment section…the winner will win a t-shirt with the logo and winning phrase on it!

…as long as it is called Today…

Hebrews 3:13 mentions the importance of encouraging each other daily – in order that we don’t become hardened by the deceit of sin. In both the King James and New International the Today part is capitalized. It is the email equivalent of TODAY. I take it as a shout. Right now! This moment. Immediately. Most

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