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lots of changes coming

I have a new song; I am calling it a kind of electro-evangelo – acid jazz…pretty sure this one is an acquired flavor. Further – I have added a Collaboration overview , as well as a Production rates and FAQ section. Not to mention…er I mean also to mention a brand spanking new Collaboration request

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fresh T’s

as previously mentioned the drummer design has been made into a T-shirt. The winning slogans are: 1) I gotcher ‘ more cowbell ‘ right here. 2) tap THIS 3) BAM BAM the standard shirt has my website ‘’ under the drummer – which everyone of you should be proud to be associated with. The store

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BP explanation

I have a new link for the band (over to the right) – it is a kind of meeting area, and since so much of what we do now in the band is in the idea stage I have opted to password protect that part of the site. Do not fear – there is much

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looking for lightning

during a car ride the other day I was having a discussion with a friend about experiencing God. Somehow we landed on the topic of ‘big things’ being evidence of God moving. A dramatic healing for example, say – a man being diagnosed with cancer , then it disappears with no medical explanation. I believe

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ok…so –

I updated my website with the latest version of wordpress today – and just when I was getting ready to celebrate I noticed there are some issues on my music page – specifically repeat play buttons. However – you can still download the files – so…it still works – just a little hiccup.

very good news

we have a bassist – as of last Monday. Presently we have Rick A. – vox and guitar, Quinton R. – vox and keys, Tim B. vox and Bass – and yours truly – primarily drums (but I might sneak a vox in). We had a blast at the audition and at a certain point

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she is the only woman

a song I wrote this weekend…some notable firsts… a home made coffee bean shaker, using `8 oclock´ coffee beans, a kick mic through the shell side, and first use of my delta 10-10LT audio card… click below to listen…and also,  if anyone is paying attention I am really just about done with `miss your bliss`,

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psychology, self help and morbid introspection

there has been a lot of opinions circulating regarding why this world is so sick. Our political arena is drenched in confusion, doctors and specialists pontificate as to why and how things are so bad – with a dizzying variety of solutions being offered, authors make millions in throwing their opinions into the fray…and all

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John the Baptist

Mat 11:2-3 Now when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples,  and said unto him, art thou he that should come, or do we look for another? While it might be easy for us to think we would recognize Christ when he shows Himself to us,

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New Song! someshine