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is done >I added some synth, redid the vox and solo, did a brand new mix and am nearly in a place where I can let this one go. I have published the new version here and at the music page On a side note met Josh P yesterday – a very talented artist (I

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some people are surprised when they visit my site and see the songs I have written. I am basically doing the one man band thing – and have a lot of songs in the works. I do enjoy drumming – and have done so since I was about 5. For me though I really enjoy

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I am on day 3 of redoing Truthsville. This is the first time I have done what the pros call “vocal comping”. I sang several tracks – and then meticulously went through and chose the best phrase of each section. Typically I just do say 3 tracks and choose one – but I have found

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There has been some interest in my past projects, different bands I have worked in, equipment I use etc. Here is some info; 1) I play a Ludwig drum set, drum sizes: 10×13 / 16×16 Floor / 16 x 18 Floor / 16×26 Bass / 6.5×14 Snare. I also use a GMS bell brass (4X14

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mixed 4 songs so far

She is the only woman, Hopes run high, Starlight starbright, If I had a wish…which means much more work to do. Funny how a fix on a vox can send one off on a few hour tangent – hopefully it is all for the better. I am considering some bonus tracks for the cd –

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I am mixing a compilation CD – which will include many tracks found @ the music section of the website…”why?” you ask – well – simply because I need to fix odd vox and pieces of the different songs and a cd seems a nice exclamation point – and I need to send Cd’s out

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New Song! someshine