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severely driving drums…

spent a lot of time today on a totally new tune – one of the most driving and fuzzy growling concoctions I have ever made. Dunno exactly why I did it – some tentative names might be ‘bang’ ‘bones’ ‘ho’ or ‘skrugs cacophony in A” – will post something later.

new mix via Texas and Mexico, South Padre…

you have heard of Texicana, or Texmex…howzabout Texmix, or Meximix? What would you say if I told you I was working on my music while down in Texas and Mexico this weekend? What would you say if I told you I was enjoying some very nice weather while A/B ing some sonics? What – can’t

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miss your bliss

is entering the rewrite stage – I am happy with the music side of things, so there will likely be only some minor tweaks there – the main emphasis will be on ye old voxs…I find myself with quite a bit on my plate at the moment – and it all started with hash browns

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sad news

an acquaintance of mine Jurrie Teeuwen – from Holland has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is undergoing treatment. I worked with him and fellow Vrenee audio genuises while I lived in Holland. The kid is really talented and smart, married with a son – and only +/- 36…don’t feel like adding any other

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finished song…

only for you this one landed differently – but I feel like it is what meant. I now will be working on my final 2 – maybe only 1 before sending out some things that are becoming urgent. In the meantime I have a rather pressing batch of songs in queue…that are in need of

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music video

I am thinking of doing a music video of one of the recent mixs…why you ask? Simply because in this day and age it is possible for me to one man band a song – use my little cannon powershot sx1000, shoot the video, load this into vegas and after effects and off I go…into

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only 4 you

is nearly done – having a ball with layering vox…I am pretty sure some will say it is a bit effect heavy – but hey – spice is the variety of life right? For those of you not liking to take risks or adventure in to new lands of sonic landscapes – just remember –

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there are some questions about my studio set up – what I use for instrumentation etc…I play the studio…huh? seriously…I do play guitar and keyboards – but not very well. I am a drummer first – then I use any and everything I can get my hands on in the studio to make the song

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Lilith excerpt

We came to the fearful hollow where once had wallowed the monsters of the earth: it was indeed, as I had beheld it in my dream, a lovely lake. I gazed into its pellucid depths. A whirlpool had swept out the soil in which the abortions burrowed, and at the bottom lay visible the whole

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‘only for you’ is taking a veer…am redoing some of the vox in a veritable variety trifecta…other worldy – hopefully… I think this one will be one of the biggest end result changes…am also meeting with the inimitable JP on the album cover (among other things) today…can you say stoked? I knew you could…This is

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