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music practice and muse news

I will be practicing today for band rehearsals, writing, hopefully, as well, as ‘joy’ is in a complete reworking. I have quite a few irons going into and out of the proverbial fire right now – with one or two initiatives that I had planned on launching needing a little more ‘heat’ if you will,

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The Seaboard Parish (excerpt 2)

“Well, I will tell you. Be still, my darling, I won’t be long. In the time of the old sacrifices, when God so kindly told his ignorant children to do something for him in that way, poor people were told to bring, not a bullock or a sheep, for that was more than they could

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The Seaboard Parish (excerpt)

“Certainly not. Tell me what you are full of care about, my child, and perhaps I can help you.” “You often say, papa, that half the misery in this world comes from idleness, and that you do not believe that in a world where God is at work every day, Sundays not excepted, it could

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