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striving for the ideal

Monday, August 31st, 2009
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“…we ought always to act upon the ideal; it is the only safe ground of action. When that which contradicts and resists, and would ruin our ideal, opposes us, then we must take measures; but not till then can we take measures, or know what measures it may be necessary to take. But the ideal itself is the only thing worth striving after. Remember what our Lord himself said: ‘Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.'”

moth and rust…of treasures and more

Friday, August 28th, 2009
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OK, this is the song moth and rust. Choral vox, timpani, accordion, strings, a highly pitched GMS bell brass snare drum and a melody my son Jesse swears is from a haunted house…I asked him to show me – but thankfully he was unable (and I can’t think of one) – I am hoping it jarred the feeling of danger and warning, with a dash of ‘money as God’ lunacy – as that is more or less my intent. If you want to read the seed thoughts on the song go here.

moth and rust

uncle pete is crazy
crazy for the things that money buys
don’t you say he’s lazy
don’t you say he’s lazy, cause he tries and tries

ohhh he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know
cause if he did he wouldn’t go
where he’s going to go

he will find moth and rust combine
to take away the heart and soul and the treasures they go

pete says they don’t phase me
all those poor folks sit and whine and moan
whiskey keeps me hazy
otherwise who knows what, what a guy might find

ohhh he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know
cause if he did he wouldn’t go
where he’s going to go

he will find moth and rust combine
to take away the heart and soul and the treasures they go


uncle pete is crazy
crazy for the things that money buys
don’t you say he’s lazy
don’t you say he’s lazy, cause he tries and tries

ohhh he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know
cause if he did he wouldn’t go
where he’s going to go
he will find moth and rust combine
to take away the heart and soul and the treasures they go

new song news

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
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I am having songs mastered right now – and have received my first song back. On Sunday I added a set of Mackie HR824 reference monitors (speakers for the studio for you non techies) – and I am amazed at how much of a different experience it is listening to some pro speakers with my tunes. It is funny how we (I) have generally drifted toward listening to songs on computer speakers, ear buds or car stereos – but not often through hi-fidelity stereo gear. I have several other songs being mastered – am working on the album design / song order etcetera…I also finished ‘moth and rust’ – but revisited the mix after hearing it through the Mackies… :-o.

E.L.C.A. – blind leading blind – into the ditch you go…

Monday, August 24th, 2009
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So the E.L.C.A. has joined to noisy fray to admit unrepentant sinners as clergy. Really? As if an ‘ad-hoc’ committee of pseudo – religious posers will have anything worthwhile to say about the church as Christ defines it. The E.L.C.A. acceptance of gay clergy is false, it amounts to religion without the power thereof, demonic – it’s so called church is becoming but wind and confusion. When Christ was asked what should be done about the Pharisees of his day his response was brief and clear; “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted. Let them alone; they are blind guides (of the blind). If a blind person leads a blind person, both will fall into a pit”. Apt instructions for our day and age.

of parties…

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
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(this is an excerpt from GMs work of fiction; The Seaboard Parish, regarding a recent drowning in the town)

“You had a sad business here the last week, sir,” he said, after we had done talking about the repairs.

“A very sad business indeed,” I answered.

“It was a warning to us all,” he said.

“We may well take it so,” I returned. “But it seems to me that we are too ready to think of such remarkable things only by themselves, instead of being roused by them to regard everything, common and uncommon, as ordered by the same care and wisdom.”

“One of our local preachers made a grand use of it.”

I made no reply. He resumed.

“They tell me you took no notice of it last Sunday, sir.”

“I made no immediate allusion to it, certainly. But I preached under the influence of it. And I thought it better that those who could reflect on the matter should be thus led to think for themselves than that they should be subjected to the reception of my thoughts and feelings about it; for in the main it is life and not death that we have to preach.”

“I don’t quite understand you, sir. But then you don’t care much for preaching in your church.”

“I confess,” I answered, “that there has been much indifference on that point. I could, however, mention to you many and grand exceptions. Still there is, even in some of the best in the church, a great amount of
disbelief in the efficacy of preaching. And I allow that a great deal of what is called preaching, partakes of its nature only in the remotest degree. But, while I hold a strong opinion of its value–that is, where it is genuine–I venture just to suggest that the nature of the preaching to which the body you belong to has resorted, has had something to do, by way of a reaction, in driving the church to the other extreme.”

“How do you mean that, sir?”

“You try to work upon people’s feelings without reference to their judgment. Anyone who can preach what you call rousing sermons is considered a grand preacher amongst you, and there is a great danger of his being led thereby to talk more nonsense than sense. And then when the excitement goes off, there is no seed left in the soil to grow in peace, and they are always craving after more excitement.”

“Well, there is the preacher to rouse them up again.”

“And the consequence is that they continue like children–the good ones, I mean–and have hardly a chance of making a calm, deliberate choice of that which is good; while those who have been only excited and nothing more, are hardened and seared by the recurrence of such feeling as is neither aroused by truth nor followed by action.”

“You daren’t talk like that if you knew the kind of people in this country that the Methodists, as you call them, have got a hold of. They tell me it was like hell itself down in those mines before Wesley come among them.”

“I should be a fool or a bigot to doubt that the Wesleyans have done incalculable good in the country. And that not alone to the people who never went to church. The whole Church of England is under obligations to Methodism such as no words can overstate.”

“I wonder you can say such things against them, then.”

“Now there you show the evil of thinking too much about the party you belong to. It makes a man touchy; and then he fancies when another is merely, it may be, analysing a difference, or insisting strongly on some great truth, that he is talking against his party.”

“But you said, sir, that our clergy don’t care about moving our judgments, only our feelings. Now I know preachers amongst us of whom that would be anything but true.”

“Of course there must be. But there is what I say–your party-feeling makes you touchy. A man can’t always be saying in the press of utterance, ‘_Of course there are exceptions_.’ That is understood. I confess I do not know
much about your clergy, for I have not had the opportunity. But I do know this, that some of the best and most liberal people I have ever known have belonged to your community.”

“They do gather a deal of money for good purposes.”

“Yes. But that was not what I meant by _liberal_. It is far easier to give money than to be generous in judgment. I meant by _liberal_, able to see the good and true in people that differ from you–glad to be roused to the reception of truth in God’s name from whatever quarter it may come, and not readily finding offence where a remark may have chanced to be too sweeping or unguarded. But I see that I ought to be more careful, for I have made you, who certainly are not one of the quarrelsome people I have been speaking of, misunderstand me.”

hot computer maintenance tip

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
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There are a lot of programs out there to maintain your computer – and scan for viruses and malware…but I have never found anything (free) as effective as the Iobit programs. I will suggest 2 programs – and you can poke around and decide if others suit your needs. The Advanced System Care program is great for easy routine maintenance, simple diagnostics and some basic performance boosters. The Iobit Security 360 is also effective, and has isolated and removed several infections (be sure to keep updated). Free, easy to use, effective – have some! GO TO IOBIT NOW

panorama attempt

Monday, August 17th, 2009
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well this weekend it was misty and rainy – and I whipped out my Canon to shoot a quick panorama – and here we are…a sad panorama you say? Well – I don’t really have the panorama effect here – and for some reason I can’t upload the big version…and I am running out of time as I write this. You can do better you say? I don’t doubt it – then go load up the freeware autostitch and make one yourself… < 🙂 That was half the reason for this post anyway - the software is free and fun - go have some giggles! panoramagb

moth and rust

Friday, August 14th, 2009
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The idea on this song is loosely based on Matthew 6:19-21. In the song I name a family member – but it could just as easily be about you or me. So many of us have cloaked hearts. We move through life covered with this mortal coil, the body. We treasure so many different things. I do. I mean – there is just so much good stuff to be had. We may move through life largely unaffected by the ample opportunities given us to store up spiritual treasures. What then? What might it be like when we hoard and selfishly squander all that is given us – and suddenly we are before the Lord – seeing as He sees for the first time, with a worm eaten heart, writhing in disbelief, knowing the undeniable truth as witnessed before the multitudes? The song is in the lyric stage – and I hope to get it out in the next days. It may have some of the more unsettling sonic representations I have done to date – but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

wiping with the shack

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
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As a Christian it is difficult to refute all of the garbage being spewed by the enemy in this world we live in. There is not time or space to list all of the potential folly and distractions the enemy places in front of us at any given time – so prudence would suggest an ignoring to a large degree of the cacophony of potential distractions as they fester around us.. We don’t need to go hunting for arguments or error – it’s everywhere. You might find this a strange intro to a book that is being hailed as a Christian classic – but I am convinced this book – The Shack – is part of a larger initiative by the enemy to confuse, muddle, deceive and prep for more error anybody that would care to read it – especially Christians. While I can name a long list of reasons this book is bad – you might find the comprehensive review by Tim at Challies… DOWNLOAD PDF and while I am not Calvinist as Tim is- he does a great job revealing this book in light of scripture. Tim is a lot more thorough than I would care to be about this book. For the record I believe this books main goal is deconstructing orthodox Christianity. I heard a sermon by the author and he twisted scripture, replaced healing for salvation – and described writing this book for his children under divine guidance (nice abduction murder story for the kids night night time) and emphasized his main reason for writing it was to portray his healing from an adulterous affair he had, hence the going to the shack i.e. – you have to revisit the past to heal – psychobabble. One more point I would like to make is this; I love fiction. I love fantasy and I love story telling. There are a lot of really good books out there I would suggest in place of the shack – especially when one needs edification (it isn’t just taste buds). While the book may not be ideal wiping tissue in your nearest outhouse – winter is coming – and I am pretty sure this will catch a match rather nicely.

joy, Rick and some fiery guitar work

Monday, August 10th, 2009
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The inimitable Rick Aronson joined in on Joy for some very fine guitar work indeed…and I thought the song was done. His outro blazed sparks in the studio

well I’m on fire – this is true
for the Lord – how about you
I got my reason – and I got no doubt
I got the Holy Spirit – and I’m a gonna shout

King of Kings – Lord of Lords
mercy on me – have mercy Lord
Lord deliver – Lord remake,
gonna celebrate – I’m a gonna celebrate

joy of the lord is my strength – He has become my salvation
well everybody – far and wide
you can run – and you can hide
but you can’t ever get away from this…
the good Lords love – he ain’t ever gonna miss

shining brightly – for all to see
everywhere for you and me
don’t you worry – and don’t you fret
cause you ain’t seen nothing yet

chorus 4X
well bang that drum – play that chord
make a new noise – unto the Lord
wanna praise my King – wanna praise my King
wanna let him know – wanna sing wanna sing
let everybody – have hands collide
gonna put some beats on the floor it’s time

joy of the Lord 3x