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meeting with an artist…

…hooking up with the inimitable JDP for some ideas on the album cover. We have talked about a couple of different directions – and hopefully we can get something out in short order. In mix news all tracks are more or less done with the exception of Miss Your Bliss – which is being re-worked.

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blood flow

in Isaiah 63:2-6 Christ in His second coming will judge, and execute wrath with grisly authority. When we read the passage in Isaiah with Revelation 14:14-20 we find an almost unspeakable scenario of wrath and violence. In Isaiah 63 Christ is quoted as saying He trampled on Gods enemies and the blood stained His garments.

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In ‘fortitude’ Pieter Bruegel illustrates the militant qualities required to overcome evil. An angel is in the foreground with a pillar (strength), a book (Gods word), and chains shackling evil. Many grotuesque and common forms of evil are being defeated (peacock – pride, pig – gluttony, funnel – drunkenness / surgical quackery?) A castle is

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podcast tonight

a special moment – I will be on the Geeksradio broadcast tonight – 5:00 CST (6:00 EST). I don’t know which song they will play – but the format is varied to say the least – be sure to check it out!

“things do go wrong…

…I know grief, pain and fear. I see them lord it sore and wide around.” From her fair twilight answers Truth, star crowned, “Things wrong are needful where wrong things abound. Things go not wrong; but Pain, with dog and spear, False faith from human hearts will hunt and hound. The earth shall quake ‘neath

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new photo gallery viewer

if you look in the photo section you will see a new gallery viewer…it is pretty cool – and should allow you to do a kind of slide show once you view an image (GO SEE)…will be uploading more galleries as I figure this out.

New Song! someshine