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music production and jingles

We have the basics for the sax part on a new song called tentatively “Cradle to the Grave” – but will need to be revisiting the verse and bridge – I will try to get some lyrics up here – I might post them first. I am not sure if Josh P will be able

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recording overdubs in studio pajamas

doing some drum overdubs on a song – and trying to finish 2 others of my own. I spoke to a sax player about helping me with one of my new tunes. I am also putting in a dual screen monitor in the studio…should be cool.

some salient bits

I have added some shots of the snare project…right now the shell looks kinda like a beaver hit it – but I push ahead…the gallery is below here and also in the photo section. The latest shots of me carving out the interior are on their way. Note that when you click on an image

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I will hopefully be meeting Josh on the album cover – maybe have something to show (but – well – you know those artist types…:-o)…working in pajamas studio doing some vocal and drum tracks (all guests, I am not drumming). You may not know this but I am trying to build a single piece snare

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New Song! someshine