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new song > lamentation

I think the inspiration is a combination of the book Lamentations (which I am currently studying) and Dantes Divine Comedy, Hell..thanks Mark…but no sorrow is complete unless there is hope. When Jeremiah looked at the aftermath of Jerusalem’s judgment, he wrote through aspects of sorrow, or lament in an epic manner. Lamentations makes statements that

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Martin Schongauer

In this engraving, The Temptation Of St. Anthony, Martin Schongauer shows dramatic artistic mastery. Martin was the first great engraver to sign his works, and he was an influence of Durer. This engraving is dated c. 1480-1490 (click image for larger version)

new song > prayer bird

has a few notable firsts. One is that I used a ride cymbal on this song that is the only remaining piece of kit from when I first began drumming as a wee lad. Two is that it is my first official scat, albeit a short one – but it was fun. prayer bird she

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prayer, and an artistic epiphany

Yesterday I was in Pajamas Studio working on a new song, which is on prayer, and as I listened to the song and wrote lyrics I walked over to the 30X40 inch image of Fortitude I have in the landing area. As I looked at the image I was impressed with the interesting design of

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album cover and thoughts on diligence

well – I was talking to Kaylee (my daughter) about art and she showed me some very cool stuff she was making. One image was a charcoal drawing heart with a kind of flame coming out, another was charcoal leave drawings…I think she got the charcoal from our fire pit in the back yard. It

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songwriting, troubleshooting and drumming

I have been up to all 3 of these in various degrees. It has been a very rough ride adding some new techie bits to my pajamas kit. Despite taking some heavy casualties (in the way of hours spent fixing things) it appears there is good reason for optimism. The reason? My buffer runneth not

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