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wednesday wallop #51 > its Christmas time

if you knew the details of how all of the songs have come to be, you would likely either laugh or cry…this weeks wallop was originally inspired by a book I am reading called Robert Falconer…the text in question is here, and describes Roberts descending the stairs of a big church in Antwerp, and here

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C. S. Lewis on the nativity

Among the oxen (like an ox I’m slow) I see a glory in the stable grow Which, with the ox’s dullness might at length Give me an ox’s strength. Among the asses (stubborn I as they) I see my Savior where I looked for hay; So may my beast like folly learn at least The

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wednesday wallop #50>the night before

Joseph was tired as he leaned against the rock…thoughts buzzed around his head and he was sweaty and dirty. He had just traveled about 80 miles over desert like terrain with his pregnant fiance on mule. One thought he considered was the fact that he did not make his betrothed pregnant…he believed it was part

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wednesday wallop #49 > jam 7

To be honest I ran out of time this week, I was brutally sick yesterday, and found the dizzying number of duties as husband, father and jack of various trades nearly preventing me from getting this one in the air. The germ idea is there at least, even if the drum outro is a bit

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All winged things come from water first;

Airward still many a one from water springs In dens and caves wind loving things are nursed: I lie like unhatched bird, upfolded, dumb, While all the air is trembling with the hum Of songs, and beating hearts, and whirring wings, That call my slumbering life to wake to happy things. GM

wednesday wallop #48 > snowshine

This week I was listening to the “mountain” by Eric C, who is French – and either lives in the French Alps, or was inspired by them when he created the sound I used for snowshine – he has a nice free refill (for you reason users) with many usable sounds…well done Eric!! The actual

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wednesday wallop #47 > oh Lord

Thanksgiving week again already? Wow – feeling an increased g force as time flies by. I hope each and every one of you has a relaxing and blessed Thanksgiving. Thinking about it, I saw recently on a church billboard, every day is a day for thanksgiving, and I would have to agree… but since we

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wednesday wallop #46 > hounds of heaven

Kinda funky jammy this week allright? Just kinda. There are some new sounds happening, wah clav, a vibraslap, a ride bell (don’t hear enough of em IMO), ample horns, with a sax solo, and synth kind of doing a call / answer thing…probably got a little busy witht the djembe – but onward we must

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New Song! hear the drum