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wednesday wallop #13 > deep blue sea

ahhhh spring. Don’t you love it? This time of year gets a lot of folks outside. It is a funny thing being a musician, we spend a lot of time indoors, in basements, in darkened studios, in clubs lacking sun, or into the night…so it is. I have not done a whole lot of outdoor

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wednesday wallop #12 > we will rise

what started out as an experiment in distortion, morphed into a kind of industrial / electronica thingy…you can hear a rather severe “drum crunch” distortion, and lots of swirls…I played around with different titles…hail hail, rise, hear it in the distance…”we will rise” won out. We have a wall o’sound chorus attempt, some vocoder, and

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new song > home on the other side

this was a dub / reggae tune I finished on the Friday we left for Texas. Sometimes I find it a little bit manic / frantic getting a song ready a week ahead of time. The song itself, conceptually, was written years ago while I lived in Holland. I was working as a cleaner in

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new song > don’t feed the drummer

actually it’s not a song…it’s a piece. A piece of what, you might ask? It is a piece of the jungle…162 beats a minute. We could say it is a kind of jungle music – there certainly isn’t any proper singing in this one. Originally I was going to call it jungle amp because I

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new music, a cable tv gig, and Texas

I do have a bit of a time crunch happening right now, as we (myself and some family) are planning on going to Texas this week (Friday). I am working on 2 songs for the Weekly Wallop as I will not have access to my studio next week, and I am working on a new

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new song > water and wine

really cutting this one to the wire…I was looking through my audio sketches, and saw “bacon song” and the rough vocal track was there. I remember I had this idea while I was upstairs cooking bacon, and I had to hurry and get in down – before the bacon burned :-)…this is one of the

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New Song! someshine