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wednesday wallop #17 > black dolce

the lyrics and melody for this song were written some time ago in a much different style.. when I went to write black dolce for this weeks song I could not find the lyrics – but remembered the softly and sweetly falling part. Originally I was planning on a kind of megaphone voice doing a

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good advice…

With every haunting trouble then, great or small, the loss of thousands or the lack of a shilling, go to God, and appeal to him, the God of your life, to deliver you, his child, from that which is unlike him, therefore does not belong to you, but is antagonistic to your nature. If your

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wednesday wallop #16 > my soul glows

I was actually going to do a different song – was playing around with the melody and landed here. This one has a pool shark upright bass, vocoder, horns, some rather busy drums – with an occasional eruption, some snare work with a Ludwig black beauty, percussion, synth… a little of this, a little of

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Still and anon,

a loud clear voice doth call – “Make your feet clean and enter the hall.” They hear, they stoop, they gather each a crumb. Oh, the deaf people! Would they were also dumb! Hear how they talk, and lack of Christ deplore. Stamping with muddy feet about the door, And will not wipe them clean

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I see a door,

a multitude near by, In creed and quarrel, sure disciples all! Gladly they would, they say, enter the hall. But cannot, the stone threshold is so high. From unseen hand, full many a feeding crumb, Slow dropping o’er the threshold high doth come: They gather and eat, with much disputing hum. GM

wednesday wallop #15 someone

yes my friends – a blast from the past. I am going to go ahead and qualify this as a new wallop for the simple reason I remixed it, added some stuff, and more importantly wish to do so. There are no instruments on this – it is all vocal effects in one way or

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jammin and tracking and mixing OH MY

spent all day yesterday recording and finalizing the tracks for a client needing audio for a project. We did one 15 minute continuous track among other things… We had some sweat happening there…in terms of a 15 minute improvisation going straight to track X3. I am playing around with this weeks wallop – in my

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mistake VS red handed rebellion

I was listening to a worship song today and I heard the singer talking about his mistakes. I realized that in a lot of Christian songs and teaching the word mistake is prevalent – instead of sin and rebellion. It isn’t an issue of rhyming either. I think a lot of people will easier admit

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wednesday wallop #14 > the kiss

this song was inspired by GMs book Phantastes. It has aspects historical, for example the betrayal in the garden…but there are autobiographical elements as well, the idea revolves around the fake – the hypocrite, the so called friend that is everything but, the whore (man or woman) with feet in hell, that so called hot

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prudence VS pride of authorship

it can be a sticky one – when to keep ones stuff to oneself. I have just been listening to a release I did some years ago – made like 5 mix tapes for friends, and moved on. I gave one to Chris from Warner Bros. – asked him what he thought, and he said

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New Song! hear the drum