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wednesday wallop #30> pigs preach

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
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be warned oh wayfaring stranger or friend…this weeks piece will not be for the weak of nature. The germ concept for this song is built around the idea that there are those who are fake, divisive, evil and liars…and they make a living on teaching others to be twice the children of hell they are. Spiritually I believe the false teachers and preachers are every bit as odious as the sonics represented in the bridge (nothing personal mr swine). Preach in this context is to “publish or proclaim openly”…and this is not limited to church. Many musicians, for example, preach death in their wanton debauched lyrics. No surprise eh? Highly politicized party people – social engineering dolts, Godless creed screeding teachers, false scientists, pagan spiritualist weirdos, and of course – the hypocrite in church. You get the idea. So – we have some unusual sonics in this little number – including a live piece delivered by a local swine… theramin esque modulated oscillated drums weaving serpentine among a simple melody, an oozing bass line synth, truly a heavy dose of electronic nourishment indeed…fresh and free as it ought to be…the mix is a rumblin – so if you have any decent speakers you should be able to swim in it. stream pigs preach

pigs preach

its bad when they speak
they feed on the weak

pigs preach

in sin they delight
their lies we must fight

pigs preach

tyrant sin obeyed
they all soon shall fade
watch out here they come again

(pig speaks)

its bad when they speak
they prey on the weak

pigs preach

be warned and be wise
and Christ will be with you

Summer, Bruegel 1568

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
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Translation of Latin caption ; July, August, and also June make summer. Summer, image of youth. Hot Summer brings fertile crops to the field. Click the image for larger view.

wednesday wallop #29 > to bed

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
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obviously this is another case of the (inevitable?) swing of the muse…last week we had “wake up” and this week “to bed”. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I wanted something short and easy this week. To Bed was written years ago when I worked in a factory doing a rotating 3 day shift that was a killer. Basically I would work 3 shifts 7am-3pm, 2 days off…then 3 shifts 3pm -11pm, 2 days off…then 3 night shifts 11pm – 7 am. This schedule ran straight through the year and I did it for about 16 months. The good news about the work was that it was fairly straightforward, cleaning, so I could write songs and practice lyrics and composition in my head to the sound of steam, running water and scrubbing floors. One night, exhausted, with plodding feet at about 4:30 am “To Bed” presented itself. The melody repeats during the whole song, 3 times, I have added strings, bassoon, harp, a Capella voice slathered in reverb, vibraphone, light drums…ya know…some synth pad stuff…just enough to get the point across… I also played with some quite slow tempos and feels etc I have actually wanted to record this song for a while but it always ends up on the back burner. I am happy to see we are coming close to the 30’s for the song tally. 30 is a big number when songs and weeks are being considered…for me at least. I once read an article by a well known song writer and she said the first 100 songs are always junk…I have never added up all of my works – pretty sure it is well over 100…but that would not be completed ideas…might be fun to count some day, but not today. Here you go,

to bed

to bed to bed
I need to rest my head
I need to get some sleep
no eat no drink
no ointment for my feet
I need to get some sleep
no time to chat with you
no time to read
no time to solve the clues
I really need to get some sleep

to bed to bed
I need to rest my head
I need to get some sleep
no touch no feel
I need some time to heal
I need to get some sleep
no time to think right now
no time to receive
no time but to sink right now
into my bed and waiting sleep

to bed to bed
please listen to what I’ve said
I really need to sleep
no ifs no buts
I’ve really had enough
I’m dreaming on my feet
I’ll sink lost dead in sleep
dream clouds in play
I’ll swim sweet oceans deep
I really must go right away

wednesday wallop #28 > wake up

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
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welcome back my friends – and I hope you have your seatbelts on for this weeks wallop. We have southern fried, chicken scratching, drum thwacking, bubbly synthesizer throbbing, chorus hootin, wah cranking song called “wake up”…I was reading in Ephesians 5:14 where Paul quotes an old spiritual (apparently); wake up oh sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you…and…well that was the germ for this song. I might have gotten carried away with the drums – especially the end solo bit – but hey – it was fun. Hmmmm…now that I think about it, I may have gotten carried away with the guitar feedback too – but that is the joy of this project – no time for worries now – gotta publish! Hope it puts the smile of hope and joy on your face in this hot season.

wake up

when fortune smiles I smile to think
how quickly she will frown
it won’t matter how high we climb
we’ll always be coming down

there comes a time and a place and a day
when you realize it is true
wake up oh sinner and rise from the dead
and Christ will shine on you


well I’ve been north and south and east and west
and it’s the same
I see folks trying to make their own peace
picking at their shame

and so my friends it’s a simple thing
I’ll tell you what to do
wake up oh sleeper and rise from the dead
and Christ will shine on you

ahhhhhhh (out)

Creation thou dost work by faint degrees,

Monday, July 12th, 2010
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By shade and shadow from unseen beginning;
Far, far apart, in unthought mysteries
Of thy own dark, unfathomable seas,
Thou will’st thy will; and thence, upon the earth—
Slow travelling, his way through centuries winning—
A child at length arrives at never ending birth.


wednesday wallop #27 > getting stronger

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
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so here we are in the big summer 4th of July break. I really hope each and every one of you is having a great time this summer! Funny little side story, this was actually one of the weeks I wondered about when I decided to do this project last year. The reason why is that I knew – or thought I knew at least, we would go out of town over the 4th (we did) and going up North where there was no recording studio (there isn’t) how could I deliver the wallop? Impossible!… I thought, better not even try, forget the whole thing. Then again – I could just get the idea down before I go – and tweak out the rest Wed when I get back. And so I did. I am kind of shrugging my shoulders on this one – I am happy with the groove – drums and bass – and there are several very heavily arpeggiated instruments – maybe too much motion – maybe not…dunno…played with vox, no vox, choral vox, vocoder, djembe, sound effects – and here we ended…a kind of stream of consciousness thing; getting stronger