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wednesday wallop #30> pigs preach

be warned oh wayfaring stranger or friend…this weeks piece will not be for the weak of nature. The germ concept for this song is built around the idea that there are those who are fake, divisive, evil and liars…and they make a living on teaching others to be twice the children of hell they are.

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Summer, Bruegel 1568

Translation of Latin caption ; July, August, and also June make summer. Summer, image of youth. Hot Summer brings fertile crops to the field. Click the image for larger view.

wednesday wallop #29 > to bed

obviously this is another case of the (inevitable?) swing of the muse…last week we had “wake up” and this week “to bed”. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I wanted something short and easy this week. To Bed was written years ago when I worked in a factory

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wednesday wallop #28 > wake up

welcome back my friends – and I hope you have your seatbelts on for this weeks wallop. We have southern fried, chicken scratching, drum thwacking, bubbly synthesizer throbbing, chorus hootin, wah cranking song called “wake up”…I was reading in Ephesians 5:14 where Paul quotes an old spiritual (apparently); wake up oh sleeper and rise from

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Creation thou dost work by faint degrees,

By shade and shadow from unseen beginning; Far, far apart, in unthought mysteries Of thy own dark, unfathomable seas, Thou will’st thy will; and thence, upon the earth— Slow travelling, his way through centuries winning— A child at length arrives at never ending birth. GM

wednesday wallop #27 > getting stronger

so here we are in the big summer 4th of July break. I really hope each and every one of you is having a great time this summer! Funny little side story, this was actually one of the weeks I wondered about when I decided to do this project last year. The reason why is

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New Song! someshine