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a leaf and changes

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010
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I thought I would pluck a leaf from a tree in my front yard and share it with you today. This is an amazing piece of work. it is a single leaf. It is vibrant with life. Surrounding all of us there are millions, and billions of leaves and blades of grass literally pulsating with life…waving, blowing, signaling. Soon we will have a symphony of colors indescribable reaching for us and beckoning. The master artist is at work. Enjoy.

wednesday wallop #34 > psalm 65

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
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this week we have psalm 65…there are a few rules broken, no repeated chorus – using the same words twice to rhyme – drums almost more like waves than beats on the verse and outro, but I am happy with it. This time of year we have such abundance and provision in the harvest, and just plain bounty – psalm 65 seemed an appropriate celebration to sing. I have a special guest this week on accordion, dave herring he did a great first pass interpretation – and I highly recommend him to any of you, pro through and through – have a look at his sites. It is now 11:56 – so I must quit talking – here is psalm 65

psalm 65

well praise awaits you Lord
you who hear prayer
when sin overwhelmed us
you forgive with care

blessed are those who
you choose to bring near
we’re filled with the good things
of your house of the temple cheered

you answer us with the awesome deeds of righteousness
Oh God our saviour
the hope of all the ends of the earth and the farthest seas
formed the mountains by your power
armed with strength for this very hour

you give the land water
enrich it great
you give the streams water
the people grain

for you have ordained it
drench the furrows and level its ridge
you soften it with showers
carts overflow with abundance

you still the roaring of the seas the roaring of the waves
and the turmoil of the nations
those living far away fear your wonders
where morning dawns and evening fades
you call forth songs of joy

you crown the year with bounty
the grasslands of the desert overflow
the meadows with flocks past counting
the hills with gladness grow
the valleys are mantled with grain
they shout for joy and sing

they shout for joy and sing
they shout for joy and sing
they shout for joy and sing now
they shout for joy and sing
they shout for joy and sing now
they shout for joy and sing
they shout for joy and sing

wednesday wallop #33 > just a glitch

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
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this song features some rather aggressive sounds – many effects – and even a so called glitch or two…musically and metaphorically. Some of the thinking behind this tune is from oblique strategies – “abandon normal instruments” – just to see what would happen…and this is what happened. You might want to have a look at the oblique strategy link if you are a creative… and see if some of the concepts would assist you in your creative journey. Eno and co did these concepts originally for a more musical assist if I understand it right, but there are a lot if ideas there to spark the creative process. Anyway – for your listening pleasure just a glitch

After the bridge we have a rather ultra low sonic – see how your speakers handle it…there is a vibe solo outro – and some real drums do actually show up later – so don’t you fret ok?

just a glitch

well a long time ago in a place far away
in a little bitty city – well it seems like yesterday
there once was a girl with a flag unfurled
I felt pity and I felt a sway
she was moving toward something that I didn’t understand
but I knew that something wasn’t what I meant or planned
she said ok we go today
just you and me its a secret where we stay
I said oh my I don’t know
right where I am is where I wanna go
she looked with a glint in her cold red eye
and she said there something that I found a big surprise, she said

hey now ho now life is just a glitch
hey now ho now just move your mouse and switch

so I stared at the screen and the voices rang
I didn’t really want to be a part of this thing
I guess where her path would finally lead
pretty sure it never would have been a place for me
It was hard to imagine such a fine jpeg
had hell fire burning underneath her legs
and the way she swayed in her mpeg bliss
clearly seemed to imply that it wasn’t what to miss
but I was smarter than I guess they thought
I have a life with Christ been brought
I don’t wanna go put on that shame
so I clicked the red x and watched a football game

hey now ho now life is just a glitch
hey now ho now just move your mouse and switch

wednesday wallop #32 > sun waves

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
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ohhhh ohhh oh – sheets of heat…105 degrees…solar tsunamis…molten beams of liquid dazzle…my friends we have had a series of very hot days, and this is how it sounds to me – wave after enveloping wave, so sit back – relax, and soak the heat in all of it’s glorious splendor, and thank God for His wonderous variety sun waves

sun waves on the sun – photo NASA

wednesday wallop # 31> fall of jones

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
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back to the wall this week my friends…just putting out the closest biggest fire – management by crisis…about the only thing I will say about this weeks song is; if you can appreciate turning this
kick dry

into something like this kick crunchy
you might enjoy this weeks wallop – frantic, distorted, paper thin, you get the idea – my vox are run through a fine “sound destruction” unit…and you might want to stick around for the clue as to what really was a key contributor to jones demise at the bitter end (of this song, and his life)…poor old jones never did pay much attention… and if he had who knows what might have happened ? fall of jones