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wednesday wallop #44 > my friend

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
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what a difference a week makes…my friends…:-D, this song came about rather effortlessly – which for me is an encouragement after last weeks “wall” . You know the old photography saying – you are only as good as your last shoot? I wonder (in art – or music), if it would be better to say you are only as good as your best song? When I started this journey (many months ago) early on I wrote a song that garnered a lot of very positive feedback, and – you know – then you hit your valleys. You got your ups and downs…your mountaintops and your valleys…mostly valleys, just like life. Why wouldn’t our work reflect that? I am more and more convinced it is a strange back and forth between inspiration and work ethic when it comes to songwriting / music or art. The key is one of volume and sweat…sounds fun eh? Anyway – when I wrote that song those many months ago I felt that no matter what else happened I would feel as though I have accomplished a good thing. Since then I have had several songs – which have opened new doors – and may open more as time allows, all making the process worthwhile in retrospect. This weeks song features a rhodes thang, upbeat guitar, a snare that acted as a timbale and assorted other percussion, djembe, etc etc as always I kept primarily first takes, for several reasons – among them time was running out (what else is new) and it adds a kind of spontaneity, even if there is an occasional mistake – I guess I prefer the non – hermetically sealed (if you will)….also – I have found almost always my best takes are the first one. This is to you, and for you – and I hope you enjoy it

my friend

every nite and every day
no matter what they say
because you’re my friend i know it’s all gonna be ok

if i’m high and if i’m low and if i don’t know
i know it gives me a boost just to know
you’re always gonna show

maybe that’s why i thought i’d try
and get it down in a song and give my words wings and see
if they will fly

anyway today this songs for you
you know and you knew it as a friend your true
and i’ll play it anyway

talkin bout my friend (2x)

well yesterday i laughed till i cried
when you did what you did with that sparkle in your eye
and its all right

you fight for whats right
you won’t sell out for a lie
and your always ready with your arms open wide

forever and a day i pray that you’ll stay my friend
til the end cause you’re the best friend
the good Lord ever could send

talkin about my friend (2X)

talkin bout my friend

wednesday wallop #42 > what?

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
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appropriately titled…was working on a drum only concoction called “drumalanche” until about 11:30 today – went away and came back and just gave a colossal shrug. Started writing another song with music and lyrics – and after a good start set it aside with a sigh…what is it? ‘dunno – this weeks wallop was hard to land on and ‘am afraid it is a failure – my attempt was a low fi synth squibkick…a better man, a better artist would shelve the whole thing, heck – a better artist would have seen the preposterous proposal of my “purview” > a song a week – but my friends – we are in the final 10 – and the music- for what it is worth must play on…the muse must rise and spark…the the…well you know the song must stream, so here is what?

wednesday wallop #41> i know the Lord is with me

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
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my my my – we have big drums this week…big…I am talking cavernous and gargantuan, make sure you wear proper head protection big…to my mind what makes the whole thing work is a playing with reverb …one famous producer said reverb is like garlic – you can never have too much, and while I don’t agree with that, it can be a lot of fun to mess with (reverb…and garlic for that matter, but I digress). This week we have a lot of cymbal dabblings, drums that strike fear in the mere mortal, a buffet of bleeps and effects, and even a European style church bell / chime bidding, I just picked up some audio-technica ATH -M50 headphones today, and this is my first mix with them (yes I do have mercy on my family when the sound is too much)…so the jury is still out on that…so ummm… oh yeah – the song if you would like to stream is here i know the Lord is with me

i know the Lord is with me

i know the Lord is with me
i know the Lord is with me
i will praise Him
i will praise Him
i know the Lord is with me
i know the Lord is with me
i will serve Him
i will serve Him
in my pain and in my pleasure
having nothing holding treasure
all alone or with great people
on the ocean in the steeple

wednesday wallop #40> down to my knees

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
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wow – the big 40, what a moment. Please just pause and take this in with me…. … ….. 40 in the wallop countdown….. quite momentous isn’t it? Glad you are here to share it with me. this week we veer into crunchy guitars, slappin bass, gratuitous synth, lots o toms and double kick (actually single kick with a floor tom played double style). For you musos, some of my favorite rock drummers played 2 kicks, Morgenstein, Peart, Phillips – but alas – I sold my double kick Tama mahogony with mongo thick shells…alas alas – that was years ago – now I try to cover it with one bass drum. I have 2 tunes that approach the busy double kick thing – this one (on outro) and skruds cacophony in A, which I don’t believe I have released, might , might not – gotta see how the wind blows yaknow? Gotta check with my label… 🙂 ok ok – this weeks song for your streaming pleasure down to my knees

they’re heeeere

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
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the colors that is – get away from your cubicle, computer, desk, office, sofa whatever – and take them in – they don’t stay very long.