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wednesday wallop #44 > my friend

what a difference a week makes…my friends…:-D, this song came about rather effortlessly – which for me is an encouragement after last weeks “wall” . You know the old photography saying – you are only as good as your last shoot? I wonder (in art – or music), if it would be better to say

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wednesday wallop #42 > what?

appropriately titled…was working on a drum only concoction called “drumalanche” until about 11:30 today – went away and came back and just gave a colossal shrug. Started writing another song with music and lyrics – and after a good start set it aside with a sigh…what is it? ‘dunno – this weeks wallop was hard

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wednesday wallop #41> i know the Lord is with me

my my my – we have big drums this week…big…I am talking cavernous and gargantuan, make sure you wear proper head protection big…to my mind what makes the whole thing work is a playing with reverb …one famous producer said reverb is like garlic – you can never have too much, and while I don’t

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wednesday wallop #40> down to my knees

wow – the big 40, what a moment. Please just pause and take this in with me…. … ….. 40 in the wallop countdown….. quite momentous isn’t it? Glad you are here to share it with me. this week we veer into crunchy guitars, slappin bass, gratuitous synth, lots o toms and double kick (actually

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they’re heeeere

the colors that is – get away from your cubicle, computer, desk, office, sofa whatever – and take them in – they don’t stay very long.