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wednesday wallop #47 > oh Lord

Thanksgiving week again already? Wow – feeling an increased g force as time flies by. I hope each and every one of you has a relaxing and blessed Thanksgiving. Thinking about it, I saw recently on a church billboard, every day is a day for thanksgiving, and I would have to agree… but since we

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wednesday wallop #46 > hounds of heaven

Kinda funky jammy this week allright? Just kinda. There are some new sounds happening, wah clav, a vibraslap, a ride bell (don’t hear enough of em IMO), ample horns, with a sax solo, and synth kind of doing a call / answer thing…probably got a little busy witht the djembe – but onward we must

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wednesday wallop #45 > feel your love

I had plans this week, and, well, even the best laid plans can go awry…wait – I like the saying “it is a bad plan that admits no modification” better. I was working on several different ideas – went searching in my archive for something, and ended up here. The guitar bit is a tweaked

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Brueghel Prudence

Please click the above image for a larger version…. The original drawing, in the Royal Museum, Brussels, is signed “Brueghel” and dated 1559. This is probably one of the earliest finished Virtues drawings, as it is one of only 7 that included an H in his signature. Prudence was not to be understood as merely

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wednesday wallop #45 > the crossroads

this week we recount the sad tale of willy, and his crossroad disaster…little rhodes action, some horns, upright bass, some gargly – crunchy – guttural synth lead, airy pad, laid back drums..I added a lightly seasoned drum roll – don’t hear enough of em IMO. I had a lot of technical problems this week –

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New Song! someshine