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wednesday wallop #47 > oh Lord

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
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Thanksgiving week again already? Wow – feeling an increased g force as time flies by. I hope each and every one of you has a relaxing and blessed Thanksgiving. Thinking about it, I saw recently on a church billboard, every day is a day for thanksgiving, and I would have to agree… but since we as a nation are in the throes of this celebration – might as well observe right? For this weeks song I have to admit I was somewhat challenged on several fronts – lyrically, production wise, the drums…what you say, drums? Yeah – really I couldn’t land on any kind of straight back beat on the kit and ended up with a kind of compromised percussy thing…but it is what it is – further we have some board and guitar, an effect or two and voila a song themed loosely around the occasional valley of life . We have another short song this week – 2:20 +/-, it must be the weather. So, without any more delay, here is oh Lord

oh Lord
oh my little prayer bird seems turned to stone
from my heart won’t fly or run no

i can’t feel Lord as i should
but i’m willing make me good yeah

oh Lord you hear me
oh Lord you find my hope safe now
oh Lord you find me
oh Lord your coming i’m safe now ohhhh

oh dear Father can you please help me
take this poor bird and give it wings

look deep deeper in my heart and there
beyond what i feel heed my prayer

oh Lord you find me
oh Lord you found me i’m safe now
oh Lord you found me
oh Lord you found me i’m safe now


oh Lord you find me
oh Lord you found me i’m safe now
oh Lord you found me
oh Lord you found me not afraid now

wednesday wallop #46 > hounds of heaven

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
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Kinda funky jammy this week allright? Just kinda. There are some new sounds happening, wah clav, a vibraslap, a ride bell (don’t hear enough of em IMO), ample horns, with a sax solo, and synth kind of doing a call / answer thing…probably got a little busy witht the djembe – but onward we must go eh? The song is about 2:19 +/-, as far as song length goes this is pretty short, so ummm anyway…I experimented with a demo software item – that rather than get into the details – I’d rather see if ya’ll know what it might be, those who know will hear it… :-)…the song itself should be self explanatory, and if not – just write and ask if you want clarification…as always I welcome your input / ideas / views / thoughts on how I can improve my craft, or anything you might be thinking in general. It was, to be honest, a little hurried this week, I had a 1001 distractions – but feel like this is presentable, so here my friends, for your streaming pleasure; hounds of heaven

…and lyrics below;

hounds of heaven
heeey how long you gonna run from the only one
who truly dared to love you?
waaay over field and stream you run with your eyes wide
and your head spinnin round

woooh now the swift dogs over stone and bush
after you straying with loud barking rush
oooh you rise and run double and run staggering
but where where where for escape?

you can flee the 4 corners
and the blue seas 7
but you can’t get away from the hounds of heaven
you can’t get away from the hounds of heaven


well there’s fear shame empty heart and lack
lost love and a thousand at their back

see lost indeed – escape is none now here they come
streaming at your track

well or you could take the hand of the sheperd king
and you can go and fall into a safe sweet sleep….yeahahhh yeah

wednesday wallop #45 > feel your love

Thursday, November 11th, 2010
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I had plans this week, and, well, even the best laid plans can go awry…wait – I like the saying “it is a bad plan that admits no modification” better. I was working on several different ideas – went searching in my archive for something, and ended up here. The guitar bit is a tweaked remnant from a cable tv project that was done some time back…re purposed and edited for this tune. The song lyrics were written some time back, with the intention of doing a CC Music Factory type production that I thought would finally allow me the use of my Kawai XD5 zap kick drum…alas, I dropped the bridge and used the lyrics here. What we have this week is pretty straightforward; acoustic guitar, vocals and a drum loop….oh yeah – we also have a little synth on the outro. Originally I was planning on the drum loop being replaced – but ended up liking its unobtrusive, repetitive nature. I also had a piano solo – but 86’d that. I find myself lately doing more subtractive rather than additive production…just trying to get the thing to its bare bones essence. This song has some legs I think – it can certainly do with more work – but it will have to do, even in its fragmentary state. Regarding feeling and love – I will be the first to champion love is first a decision – however – we are created to feel, and I know we all have had moments we have enjoyed in storge, philio, eros or agape which I believe we are created to celebrate feel your love

feel your love
in my heart in my soul
in my bones ohh yes i know
i can feel your love
i can really feel your love

in my pleasure in my pain
in all the worlds changing ways
i can feel your your love
such a sweet sweet love

in my hopes in my dreams
in this moment oh its happening
i can feel your love
i can really feel your love

Brueghel Prudence

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
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Brueghel prudence 1559

Brueghel prudence 1559

Please click the above image for a larger version….
The original drawing, in the Royal Museum, Brussels, is signed “Brueghel” and dated 1559. This is probably one of the earliest finished Virtues drawings, as it is one of only 7 that included an H in his signature.

Prudence was not to be understood as merely caution or circumspection, it was wisdom, good sense, the ability to distinguish between good and bad and to guide action accordingly. The Latin motto indicates something of the scope and special standing of prudence ” If you wish to be prudent, think always of the future, and weigh all conceivable outcomes (contingencies).” According to Coornhert, prudence was the prerequisite for a good life – that is, a life of goodness. Is there anything more worth mens striving than wisdom?…Wisdom is the sole mistress who can lead men to the right use of wealth, health, life itself, and also the other virtues; for without wisdom, all other virtues are blind. Thanks to wisdom, the wise man knows how to avoid the broad path of sin; it helps him to choose the right , straight way which leads to a virtuous life.

The allegorical figure of prudence stands on, under and next to objects symbolizing various kinds of such wisdom: On her head she carries a sieve (to sift between good and evil), in her hand a mirror (self knowledge), and a coffin – the inevitable death that awaits all men. People prepare for winter, getting food stored, bundling fuel, saving money. The buckets represent the quenching of human passions that can rage and destroy. A man lies sick in bed, preparing his last will and testament, while a doctor tests a fluid, presumably from the dying man. In the lower right corner is a bowl with a spoon standing upright, which is an allusion to a popular Dutch ditty expressive of one’s joy in knowing tomorrow is secure.
(from the book Graphic Worlds of Peter Bruegel The Elder H Arthur Klein)

wednesday wallop #45 > the crossroads

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
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this week we recount the sad tale of willy, and his crossroad disaster…little rhodes action, some horns, upright bass, some gargly – crunchy – guttural synth lead, airy pad, laid back drums..I added a lightly seasoned drum roll – don’t hear enough of em IMO. I had a lot of technical problems this week – gonna have to tweak the old system and see why the hiccups were so prevalent…but you don’t need to worry yourself – we made yet another wallop…45 my friends…as to the tale – let it be a warning for us all – the devil does not honor anything or anyone – he is a liar a thief and a murderer, not one to negotiate with. Many have exchanged their soul for some paltry fame, money, positions…worthless stuff in comparison to the value of our soul – Christ said he would not exchange the whole world for His soul…lyrics and visual below (click to enlarge)…to stream click the arrow here the crossroads

what do you see?

the crossroads

the crossroads
oh little willy couldn’t get himself a clue
how to get a woman so he figured what he’d do
is head on down to the forest next to olsons old farm
a deal with the devil he was thinkin would do no harm
oh little willy the wind did sigh
if you want a woman there’s gonna be a price
i ain’t got no money for to pay your devils fee
i ain’t got no nuthin but little old me
little old willy has a soul that will do
just sign here in blood and get your woman brand new
oh no willy (2X)
so willy signed got his girl and felt a little burn
everywhere he went the heads would turn
one day however things turned for the worse
all day long the woman screamed villified and cursed
she rode willy like willy was a little mule
the only thing she said was willy youre a fool
the strain from all the hate finally proved willys doom
one dark day he snapped they put him in a rubber room
willy lost his mind and he lost his soul
instead of love the devil gave him one big black hole
the devil gave him one big black hole
they say you know a devils deal is a deal for a fool
well he should have known – if he would have just hung out a little longer for the Lord
who knows where this thing would have gone
the Lord man
the Lord knows what he needs and has everyone his provisions
willy had his lust and had to go get his thing
and he couldn’t turn back
oh no willy (2X)