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No sickness can come near to blast my health;

My life depends not upon any meat; My bread comes not from any human tilth; No wings will grow upon my changeless wealth; Wrong cannot touch it, violence or deceit; Thou art my life, my health, my bank, my barn– And from all other gods thou plain dost warn. GM

new piece of “kit”…

deserves a new song right? Well – I haven’t worked much with this piano yet – it was tweaked over Christmas by a family member, and is tuned, at the very least, somewhat to itself. It is from Holland originally, and is quite old – will say more as I find out more….Yesterday I was

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ok – there it was…

it was fun to watch a Wednesday go by without putting a wallop up. Some of you are wondering where SKIA / Pull is, well – I put it up – and unless you were here within an hour (via RSS or something) I took it down. It’s just too much for right now (it

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The blessedness of life –

depends far more on its interest than upon its comfort. The need of exertion and the doubt of success, renders life far more interesting to the poor than it is to those who, unblessed with the anxiety for the bread that perisheth, waste their poor hearts on rank and reputation. Robert Falconer

Happy 1-1-11!

honestly – I entered this simply because the numbers are too cool. Having said that – I really do want to wish each and every one of you a great and healthy body, soul and spirit and, well I have some newsworthy news. The wallops have come to a close (you knew that right?) –

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New Song! someshine