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Thy mind, my master, I will dare explore;

What we are told, that we are meant to know. Into thy soul I search yet more and more, Led by the lamp of my desire and woe. If thee, my Lord, I may not understand, I am a wanderer in a houseless land, A weeping thirst by hot winds ever fanned. GM

Oswald Chambers on Atmosphere

I was reading recently some of OCs works – in one he said something regarding music and atmosphere, which ties into some of these quotes below. While music and the arts move us, it is important to have a spiritual eye open to what exactly we are celebrating or worshiping. Someone once said that we

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Haste to me, Lord, when this fool-heart of mine

Begins to gnaw itself with selfish craving; Or, like a foul thing scarcely worth the saving, Swoln up with wrath, desireth vengeance fine. Haste, Lord, to help, when reason favours wrong; Haste when thy soul, the high-born thing divine, Is torn by passion’s raving, maniac throng. GM

The Fall of the Magician

(click to enlarge) Here is the sequel to the previous scene (St James and the Magician Hermogenes). The reversal has taken place, as indicated by the Latin caption: “God granted the Saint’s prayer that the magician should be torn apart by the demons”. His fall is in full swing now. Recognizably the same as in

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We make, but thou art the creating core.

Whatever thing I dream, invent or feel, Thou art the heart of it, the atmosphere. Thou art inside all love man ever bore; Yea, the love itself, whatever thing be dear. Man calls his dog. he follows at his heel, Because thou first art love, self caused, essential, mere. GM

St James and the Magician Hermogenes

This series is in 2 parts. I will include the first one today. The story behind this print is that the Jews had hired a magician named Hermogenes to thwart St. James (son of Zebedee). There are various versions of the story, in one the assistant of Hermogenes is converted, in another Hermogenes himself accepts

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New Song! someshine