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Asaph jammed on the cymbals

There has been some discussion over the years of just exactly what constitutes “proper” music in the church. My contribution to this discussion / argument would be “it depends”. I have been reading through Chronicles, and was especially struck by 1 Chronicles 31, where King David assigns musicians to minister in the tent of the

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musical sketch > mono manno

I have been working on some new songs, and videos, and bits of my kit…and a responsible conscientious blogger would be rattling away and updating you the whole time…I should be – but- alas – I haven’t. Well – it is only because I have started several things and not finished any of them that

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The Eloi

Troubled soul, thou art not bound to feel, but thou art bound to arise. God loves thee whether thou feelest or not. Thou canst not love when thou wilt, but thou art bound to fight the hatred in thee to the last. Try not to feel good when thou art not good, but cry to

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New Song! someshine