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added bits of kit

I have been looking for some time for the Apple Powered Speakers, mostly because of their endorsement from Bob Clearmountain; >>Clearmountain’s main monitors in his mixing room are Yamaha NS10s – “I just know them so well that I can really be sure of what’s going on with a mix when I use them,” –

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1 Chronicles 25

Assigning the musicians; I was reading through 1 Chronicles 25 and was struck by some aspects of Gods designs for worship musicians. It was a quickie of a spoken thought – with a washer running in background and people walking upstairs – but I hope you get the idea of why I wanted to share

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Through all the fog, through all earth’s wintery sighs,

I scent Thy spring, I feel the eternal air, Warm, soft, and dewy, filled with flowery eyes, And gentle, murmuring motions everywhere— Of life in heart, and tree, and brook, and moss; Thy breath wakes beauty, love, and bliss, and prayer, And strength to hang with nails upon thy cross. GM

new video and music bit – vox luma

this music was laying around in a folder and reared its head while I was working on something else (so what else is new). I really wanted to finish it, and decided to go ahead and assemble a little video. Vocoders, edgy drums, arpeggiated synths and even a djembe solo on the outro…funny side story

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New Song! someshine