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The test of an instructor in the Christian Church is

Friday, May 27th, 2011
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that he is able to build me up in my intimacy with Jesus Christ, not that he gives me new ideas, but I come away feeling I know a bit more about Jesus Christ. Today the preacher is tested, not by the building up of saints…but on the ground of his personality.

Oswald Chambers
Facing Reality

Through the Redemption, God undertakes to deal with man’s past,

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011
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and He does it in two ways: by forgiving him, and by making the past a wonderful culture for the future.


added bits of kit

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011
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I have been looking for some time for the Apple Powered Speakers, mostly because of their endorsement from Bob Clearmountain;
apple powered speakers
>>Clearmountain’s main monitors in his mixing room are Yamaha NS10s – “I just know them so well that I can really be sure of what’s going on with a mix when I use them,” – augmented by self-powered KRK E7s – “those let me hear what’s happening below 80Hz.” He also employs a pair of compact Apple computer speakers. “Those are actually my favourites! I have them placed right next to each other at the side of the room on top of a rack. I don’t like speakers that are too hi-fi for mixing, because if the speaker makes everything sound good, you don’t work as hard and then the mix is not going to sound very good when you play it back on a lesser speaker. I want something that makes me work hard. I like to switch speakers a lot, as well. The little ones, believe it or not, are actually really good for judging things like bass and bass drum level. If I can’t hear those on the little Apple speakers, then I know I’ve got to re-EQ or change something in the track. They’re also good for setting vocal levels. There’s just no hype with the little ones – they’re so close together that everything is almost mono, and I get a really clear perspective of how the overall thing sounds. Of course, they don’t make them any more. Anything that’s good, they always stop making it.<< I had some NS10s, but my (then) dog chewed the wood out of the cones, I currently use HR824s as my main monitors, and now will be using my newly acquired Apples as an A/B...anyway - if you want to read some more about Clearmountain - go here.

pioneer PL518
On another note – I have picked up a pioneer PL-518. Which I wanted for several reasons i.e. I have vinyl records that are not available digitally, vinyl collections can be a good buy, more custom sampling possibilities and of course the analog sound.

Musically I am busy writing, and have some new stuff that should be coming up soon…I have a name for my new project – which will be launched without a lot of fanfare in the next week or so. Video wise I have shot some stuff for Don’t Feed The Drummer, so that will likely be the next video.

Finally I want to thank those of you that have given feedback on the Chronicles “spoken word” entry. It is nice to hear – but for the life of me I don’t understand why so many of you tell me offline – or through email or whatever – I mean that IS what the comment option is for… 🙂 but seriously – every one of you who visit is appreciated, and if I can in any way encourage / inspire you or put a smile on your face, it is mission accomplished.

1 Chronicles 25

Saturday, May 7th, 2011
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Assigning the musicians; I was reading through 1 Chronicles 25 and was struck by some aspects of Gods designs for worship musicians. It was a quickie of a spoken thought – with a washer running in background and people walking upstairs – but I hope you get the idea of why I wanted to share this…about 6 minutes long. The blue arrow streams, or you can download.

Through all the fog, through all earth’s wintery sighs,

Friday, May 6th, 2011
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I scent Thy spring, I feel the eternal air,
Warm, soft, and dewy, filled with flowery eyes,
And gentle, murmuring motions everywhere—
Of life in heart, and tree, and brook, and moss;
Thy breath wakes beauty, love, and bliss, and prayer,
And strength to hang with nails upon thy cross.


new video and music bit – vox luma

Sunday, May 1st, 2011
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this music was laying around in a folder and reared its head while I was working on something else (so what else is new). I really wanted to finish it, and decided to go ahead and assemble a little video. Vocoders, edgy drums, arpeggiated synths and even a djembe solo on the outro…funny side story on the edit; I was mixing down the djembe and had a guitar fuzz effect on it – literally screaming, but backed off and decided on a “supermarket speaker” reverb… a little more lo-fi. If I use that fuzz later I’ll explain more, it will be cool in the right setting. Anyway, the vocals are run through a vocoder, and I wanted to see if I could do a rappish, scat thing but keep the musical key through the vocoder…I think it is ok. I like the burnt glow video thing – and am hoping to tweak it some more on other stuff. The video is about 1 1/2 minutes…I have also posted a “mov” file for those of you using a stock i-pad (flashless) – but I will tell you this, the .mov is about 50 megs, and the flash 17 megs…ummm – not complicated math there. So anyway – enjoy ok?

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