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Durer > Knight, Death and the Devil

(click to enlarge) This is another image I have up in my studio, and it is part of a series of 3 large prints known as his Meisterstiche (master engravings). The print embodies the state of moral virtue. We see death with his hourglass reminding us of the brevity of life…and a devil with a

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new song > sorry babe

Well, here it is… the post I have been putting off for some time. Why? Because it marks a new venture. No – I am not necessarily going to write a song a week for another year. The truth is, this is MUCH more ambitious / intimidating… and I hesitate to say much more specifically

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spoken thoughts > The Battle Belongs to the Lord

…continuing on in the “spoken thoughts” series, I would like to share some bits gleaned from reading 2 Chronicles 20. I have to admit – I really, really enjoyed this passage. There is so much practical and epic going on, it holds up well to multiple readings. Again, I recorded this under less than ideal

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But, like a virtuous medicine, self-diffused

Through all men’s hearts thy love shall sink and float; Till every feeling false, and thought unwise, Selfish, and seeking, shall, sternly disused, Wither, and die, and shrivel up to nought; And Christ, whom they did hang ‘twixt earth and skies, Up in the inner world of men arise. GM

New Song! someshine