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sorry babe video

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
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sorry babe – this is a first crack at having real actors / actresses sort of act out a song I wrote. We basically got together on short notice and improvised everything. We ended up at a local dance and had a hard time finding a stranger to dance – but fortunately there were 2 brave souls that volunteered (m. Lopez and another)…to Umar and Denise (actor / actress) – you both did a great job…and dancers too, I wish I had your names to put here :-), thank you so much for your patience! I posted 4 versions – one regular small, one “glow”small, one “paint”small (because I always like to play with effects), one big fat higher definition Quick Time movie, and one small QT….this project took longer than I planned to finish – and even now – there are things I see needing work – but I must let it go. I apologize to all of you who were wondering why it was taking so long to finish – but hopefully you are pleased with the final result.

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Quicktime big 225MB
Quicktime small 45MB

Sometimes, perhaps, the spiritual blood runs slow,

Monday, July 25th, 2011
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And soft along the veins of will doth flow,
Seeking God’s arteries from which it came.
Or does the etherial, creative flame
Turn back upon itself, and latent grow?–
It matters not what figure or what name,
If thou art in me, and I am not to blame.


new song > fallen

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
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This song has some points that bear mentioning;

1) it’s the second song I have written with harmonica, and I actually feature it pretty heavily.

2) I made my own glass “slide” for the guitar part – and broke several in the process…I finally ended up dumpster diving a local restaurant for spare wine bottles for the one I used on this song.slide from wine bottle

3) banjo is provided by Matt and his virtual collaboration is much appreciated. He gave me quite the buffet of good musical options to use in the song!

Fallen is a short tale around paradise lost, and the reality of our current predicament. You can click the button to play

lyrics below


my worlds fallen
fallen (2X)


paradise in the rear view mirror
serpent said don’t you fear
old eve made adam believe the pretty fruit would give good cheer

well they both went and ate it
on the Lord they never waited
yeahhhh this worlds fallen

our worlds fallen


that was then this now you know
we still got a lot to do
that old devils still trickin folks tryin to make a lie a truth

with the Lord we’ll stand and fight him
Holy Spirit so delighted
Lets play some harp now….

hamonica solo
banjo solo

It must be, somewhere in my fluttering tent,

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011
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Strange creatures, half tamed only yet, are pent—
Dragons, lop-winged birds, and large-eyed snakes!
Hark! through the storm the saddest howling breaks!
Or are they loose, roaming about the bent,
The darkness dire deepening with moan and scream?—
My Morning, rise, and all shall be a dream.