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playin da pans for tha Lord>>Psalm 118:24

Don’t ask me to play your cocktail hour… 🙂 I got my hands on a steel drum (soprano) for a first (thanks mom!)…. and wrote this basic melody pretty much 15 seconds out of the box….what I have here is with and without vocals……steel drums – they bring one straight to the island don’t they?

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Art of the Housebook Master

One of the finest early engravers was an anonymous artist known as the Housebook Master because scholars have linked his work with drawings in the same style in a manuscript called the Hausbuch. Here is an excerpt from an online encyclopedia; Master of the Housebook (Meister des Hausbuchs), fl. 1475–1500, German graphic artist. The master

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new song > are we gettin down now

this is a little bit electro…some big beat…and a dash of breakbeat. I messed quite a bit with drums – ran a signal through a supermarket speaker effectively for the low-fi effect. The synthesizer solo is actually a sampled electricish zap…which I quite liked. There is vinyl being scratched – you know – basic songwriting

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Baffled to Fight Better

The place for the comforter is not that of one who preaches, but of the comrade who says nothing, but prays to God about the matter. The biggest thing you can do for those who are suffering is not to talk platitudes, not to ask questions, but to get into contact with God, and the

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New Song! hear the drum