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this song came about rather accidentally in response to my daughters request for something simple with no zaps and bleeps in my song…ahem… well I planned on a straightforward no zappz, but you will hear a few of these anyway – sorry Kaylee :-)- anyway this is a straightforward rocker, a little on the dirty

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Are you a Christian pacifist? Perhaps you should consider;

the conscientious objector takes as his standard, not the Cross—which is a cruel thing, a thing which sheds blood and blasts life—but the teachings of Jesus, which have no meaning apart from His Cross, consequently he is in danger of becoming a bloodless kind of individual. Immediately you come face to face with realities there

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…so I finished up several tunes and am getting ready to send my next batch of 15 off to my licensing company. I was talking to my daughter Kaylee, and asked “do you think I should do an uptempo power-groove rocker, or a very stripped down pastoral number?” she said ” do something simple, with

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