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Musician, prophet, priest

It has been an interesting couple of weeks, and as usual a daily plan and adventure moves into things unexpected. First I would like to mention some of the music coming through the pipeline. Recently I spoke to a friend that is in a very rough place. Without too much detail, I found myself thinking,

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I like to get my heart going in a cardio workout a few times a week. I type my information into a treadmill module and out comes the suggested heart rate. I shoot for about 40 minutes of elevated heart rate, about 140. I don’t run, I basically powerwalk – and the treadmill itself elevates

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Bruegel Sloth 1557

Since we have many folks these days living off the government, taking all kinds of subsidies (and many refusing to work unless they get the job they want), and even you and I perhaps know the experience of not applying ourselves and being downright lazy (ok – I know this at least) I thought Sloth

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Studio wisdom of Ronan Chris Murphy

Aphorisms and apparent truths about making records. (a work in progress by Ronan Chris Murphy) •There is no such thing as over-production, only appropriate and inappropriate production. •Emulation is always a compromise. •The only endearing elements of emulation are found within the artifacts of its failure. •The quality of a recording is governed by the

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New Song! hear the drum