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thoughts on music…

someone came up to me the other day and said “I wish I could play the drums like you”. Oh I said – you grab a stick and hit a drum for starters – do you want me to show you how? “Nooooo”, they responded “I was just sayin”…and there, my friends, lies the rub.

new song and video

Production is heavy underway for the new video and song which I hope to have out in the next weeks…here are kenneth and lisa, both amazing in their acting instincts. Kenneth you may recognize from spots on TV, most notably the one I have seen is during Twins games, he is the fishing guy in

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Not long ago I was reading a blog that talks a lot about investment, money and finances. My time spent there reading the blog is based not so much on the fact I have a lot of stocks or even a lot of money. I don’t. The reason I read the blog is there is

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new music > tea in tyva

got a new snare head Saturday and wanted to mess with writing a little something and stumbled into this piece…not exactly a standard 🙂 messed with some bigger drums, an obligatory drum roll, native singing, and soaring sounds…and no, this is not the “Car-esque” tune… anyway – enjoy.

on songs, squirrels and shiny things

I have a confession to make. I am easily distracted. My daughter calls it the “squirrel” syndrome. She got the idea from the movie up. Note – mediaplayer is in playlist mode – so please close after video… Truth is I am barraged by fascinating and beautiful sensory input. That would be from this thing

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new album

I was talking to a friend from Nashville recently – he was sharing his thoughts on music, his music, my music, his bosses music (very big boss > hint > blind piano player singer with many hits and awards)…and he suggested I do a ” buffet” style album – like, you choose 10 tunes –

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Now, ere I sleep, I wonder what I shall dream.

Some sense of being, utter new, may come Into my soul while I am blind and dumb– With shapes and airs and scents which dark hours teem, Of other sort than those that haunt the day, Hinting at precious things, ages away In the long tale of us God to himself doth say. GM

new song > lord of the dust heap

lord of the dustheap is a lava like sonically oozing audio piece with heavy electro effects, limping weighed down drums, a broken amplifier, spitting defiant voxsels that meld into mosquito like weak submission and defeat, subterranean wheezing and experimental digital distortion…what else would you expect? The piece has the following basic movements; arrogance > mystery

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