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yesss…a master

I am in the process of having my music mastered for real, for the very first time. My initial reaction is “wow” very nice… I will be posting the new mix, as well as assembling a compilation, and will no doubt keep you updated about this and myriad other happenings soon!

demo > you call

I was going to watch a movie tonight, and went into the studio and started messing with this idea…I could not play the bass part the way I hear it – so its pretty brutal, but just for fun I thought I’d put it up – thinking of calling this “you call”, but as you

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new song > dont go in the basement

this song might sound like some kind of B grade slasher movie on first blush, but I would like to think there is something more in it for those of discerning taste…it is actually less about a basement, say mine (where by the way my studio is located)…and more metaphorically that place where you and

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New Song! someshine