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devils carousel

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
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...ever get that feeling?

...ever get that feeling?

I have begun editing the latest song / video titled “devils carousel” a song about vicious circles….stay tuned.

millet > death and the woodcutter

Saturday, September 8th, 2012
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Jean Francois Millet Death and the Woodcutter

I find this image to be very powerful (click to enlarge). To me it speaks volumes. Death is walking along, reaping, or snatching those assigned their appointment with their Maker. The body position of death is almost nonchalant. The woodcutter apparently does not yet want to go. He pulls away. Maybe minutes earlier he was cursing his lot in life, frustrated about his heavy burden of wood… and now – as death reaches out, he would like nothing more than to lift his bundle and be on his way. His old home perhaps in the background? Up to the left is a mysterious looking tunnel… is this the mans entrance into the afterlife? Time is aptly symbolized. Certainly if he was granted a reprieve, he would have a much different perspective on this wonderful gift of life we all have, regardless of our position.

Jean Francois Millet was a brilliant artist, elevating the common into its proper sacred place.

new songs >im on my way, shes so damaged now

Saturday, September 1st, 2012
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Hello everyone, I hope your summer has been amazing and refreshing! I have been quite busy with a number of projects, but need to drop some new music here as an aural fyi…there has been quite a lot going on, but for the sake of brevity I will publish 2 new songs – and do a more detailed update later (you folks asking about the video and the drum project etc will be informed). So, first up is a song with nothing but acoustic guitar voice and a pad…I was asked about drums. Nope – not here. No percussion, no bass, weird huh? I had a music friend get quite into this, and he heard big things and wanted to redo / rework / collaborate with some pros down south, but he suddenly is moving to Corpus Christi, and I too will need to move on to check this thing off. Originally I was going to write a birthday thing – but it took a hard turn and I landed here.

ive been searching for a long long time
ive been longing for a better feeling

this old worlds been good denyin
this old world just keeps me reelin

im on my way
good Lord i pray

everybody loves a little sweet sunshine
through the darkness blindness stealin

deep in the forests of my life
good Lord Christ he brings me healin

over and over and over and over
i lay me down in the soft green clover

im on my way
good Lord i pray

your will be done
your kingdom come

well sometimes it seems that
im collecting broken dreams

but the truth be told – when old dreams die – new are born

some day soon im gonna see your face
like a man im fightin kneelin
la la la la la la…

…if you probably know from past projects – I have a tendency to swing back and forth on song styles i.e. quiet acoustic no drums melody focus…to big mongo drums with supple low end (try this with a nice sub), guitar, synths, vocal effects, noise and with lots o’ process which brings me to