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new song and video>im on the right line

…as I mentioned in the news and views video this song has been floating around for a while…I’m calling it electro-punk. It has a very in front mix on the drums so watch your volume…the song doesn’t kick in until after the opening title and credit. Wildly panning hihat/effects with crushing drums, spoken word verse

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william blake > the tyger

click image to enlarge William Blake wrote The Tyger in 1794, I have been a fan of his for some time. There is a lot of wild speculation about his sanity and real beliefs, but if you study his work (prints, poems etc), you will find many edifying and inspiring experiences. In this poem though

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bobby owsinski isolated tracks

if you are a studio nerd and like to hear songs individual tracks isolated, have a look at this blog… there are some interesting comments by bobby, as well as shocking performance surprises on classic hits…some of the youtube links are taken down – but there is still a lot here to enjoy, I include

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New Song! someshine