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new tune > arriba andalay

…its a thing for my licensing agency – I wanted a castanet – didn’t want to drive to buy one – so I used 3 drum sticks. Close enough for college.

new song > yesterdays thoughts

As I had mentioned there has been a slight juggling around behind the scenes of several songs, for several reasons…not least of which is my habit of being distracted by the new and shiny. This song I decided to go at finally to finish, mainly because winter is about over – and it is for

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writing and beholding…

well – I have basically 4 new tunes I am juggling at the moment; one is a pretty upbeat blues rocker – tentatively about turning ones back on “self” (the selfish self, the I want I want I want self, the my will not Gods will self), second song is basically a song / poem

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