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I too could now say to myself; be no longer a chaos, but a World, or even a Worldkin. Produce! Produce! Were it but the pitifullest, infinitesimal fraction of a product, produce it in Gods name! ‘Tis the utmost that thou has in thee? Out with it then! Up up! Whatsoever thy hand find to

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do you like this demo?

a bit of a joke – listen for the prerecorded voice telling me I need to buy the synth – its a soft synth – tune written 1 off errrrr very quick like – and I have not purchased the synth…but it sounds cool right? – whatever…I do like the drums though…even though my tom

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new song > travel alone

this one was partially inspired by something I read in Chambers Christian Disciplines, as well as Galatians 6:5 “For every man shall bear his own burden”. Basically the 2 main points on this are that a) most battles / demons are fought alone when nobody is looking and b) we will ultimately be alone before

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New Song! someshine