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van gogh on the gift…

Thursday, January 16th, 2014
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feel free to substitute songwriter, drummer, or other passions in place of painter…

” Now, the art trade brings with it certain prejudices that I believe you may perhaps still cling to, particularly ideas that painting is a gift — well yes, a gift, but not as they make it appear; one must reach out and take it (and that taking is a difficult thing), not wait until it manifests itself of its own accord. There’s something to it, but it’s absolutely not as they make it appear, one learns by doing. One becomes a painter by painting. If one wants to become a painter, if one has passion, if one feels what you feel, then one can do it, but this can go hand in hand with difficulty, worries, disappointments, times of melancholy, of powerlessness and all that. That’s how I see it. I find it so stultifying that I had to make a little scratch to take my mind off it; forgive me, I’ll say no more about it, it’s not worth the effort.”

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new tune > drum boom

Thursday, January 9th, 2014
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some drums – some synths – some percussion – some other stuff
and… wait for it…

drum boom – happy belated 2014!