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O Christ, have pity on all men when they come

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014
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Unto the border haunted of dismay;
When that they know not draweth very near–
The other thing, the opposite of day,
Formless and ghastly, sick, and gaping-dumb,
Before which even love doth lose his cheer:
O radiant Christ, remember then thy fear.


new tune > coffee and snare rolls

Thursday, March 6th, 2014
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this is what I had for breakfast today…a little background; I was pouring cream into my coffee, and a lyric about cream and half and half started up…somewhat relentless…no problem (I sez to myself) I will hum / sing it until it goes away but it didn’t. The melody is actually not bad – the lyrics – meh. So I run down to the studio to exorcise the idea – with plan to finesse the thing later. I was messing with a drum thing – and boom – off the path again I go into an idea with a long snare roll. I like rolls, snare and otherwise. So basically my coffee sat upstairs getting cold while I layered a bunch of drums down in b-works studio and here we are. The melody is kinda fun with subharmonics – if you have a decent stereo your walls will probably rattle a bit.