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(click to enlarge) The Latin on the bottom translated; March April and May are the months of Spring / Spring, similar to childhood / In Spring golden Venus rejoices in flowery garlands “Spring” puts us in the garden of a noble or wealthy family. It is being planted and cared for by a number of

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construction and status fyi

media players being what they are, and hardware and software requirements being what they are (all ever changing) I am in the process of updating and renewing different aspects of my website…you may find some surprises over the next few days, partially constructed pages and maybe even a full blown site redesign…its ok – take

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Thy great deliverance is a greater thing

Than purest imagination can foregrasp; A thing beyond all conscious hungering, Beyond all hope that makes the poet sing. It takes the clinging world, undoes its clasp, Floats it afar upon a mighty sea, And leaves us quiet with love and liberty and thee GM

20 reasons you won’t finish that song…

…or learn that instrument, write that book, complete that screenplay make that drawing or climb that mountain of passion in whatever form it may be. Here’s the deal, this is largely confessional. When I look at what kinds of impediments get in the way of my creative urges, I see patterns. Where I fail and

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New Song! someshine