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contrary to what you see here on the site I have been writing quite a bit… it seems I have started so many different things, but not finished nearly as many. As I have mentioned before, the quote from Ecclesiates; “It is better to finish something than to start it” still applies…so, part of the

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2 nice music documentaries worth watching >

I know these have been out for a while – but I just watched them this week…Sound City and Muscle Shoals. Both documentaries have a lot of amazing talent and artists represented, but the conclusions about what makes great music remain mysterious at best. The Sound City documentary was spearheaded by Dave Grohl, ex-Nirvana drummer,

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The enemy still hath many things in me;

Yea, many an evil nest with open hole Gapes out to him, at which he enters free. But, like the impact of a burning coal, His presence mere straight rouses the garrison, And all are up in arms, and down on knee, Fighting and praying till the foe is gone. GM

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