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Hello, my name is David Hill and I am an American musician. I grew up playing the drums, and have had the pleasure of playing and recording across America, Europe and the East. At present my time is split between drumming and writing. I would have to consider the studio my kit of choice – and I have a residential recording set up where I write. I guess my work is known for its “old and new” collage of musical styles and influences. I write the lyrics, use samples, sequencers, hardware, software, live instrumentation and interesting sound effects, and do whatever else I need to do, to finish a song (assignment), or project. Music I’ve written can be found on MTV, National Geographic Channel, The Fashion Network, VH1, Spike and The Comedy Channel (more clients).

I was born in Fremont, California, to parents that were very involved in the art world through photography. We moved to Minnesota, and I grew up in the ‘burbs of Minnesota, where I was influenced by this city’s diverse musical and artistic offerings—everything from hip-hop to folk to funk music—and my parent’s art scene – all having an influence on my perceptions. I have also lived overseas in Holland for several years, and this too has had a major influence on my perspective.

Although my work defies easy description, my genre experiments have triggered comparisons with a wide variety of artists and styles. I draw heavily on my personal relationship with Jesus Christ for inspiration. This sparks a free-flowing lyrical style that I’d like to think offers hope in this darkened world. With our world being connected the way it is – the music I write is very much a product of the times and the media age in general, with rap, classical, blues, indie/underground rock, funk, gospel, electronic music and genre-benders like Tom Waits and Peter Gabriel all being notable touchstones.

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