are we gettin down now

shes sliding into me so tall

whoah no go boom and get boomed tee

she said now baby you can have it all

i say i am into you and trouble free

i said now baby you come hard and tall

sharing moon going good in Bombay toe the line

she said now are we gettin down now

oh be kissin and go chit chitlin love

ahhh are we gettin down town

tried to fill the emptiness inside

no im a gettin im a gettin im a gettin goin down

and so we walked along the beach and that was fine

she looked around and said baby youre mine

she pulled a knife and held it to my neck

give your money she said, and off she went

and as i watched her walking down the beach

should i call her i beseeched no

chorus (2x)


copyright sonifly 2010