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new album artwork #2

I neglected to feature this news bit on my home page – so here you go…this art concept will be from the “refresh” album. I want to thank Josh for his amazing work on this cover. He is a master. This album will be available for shipment in about a week, but you can order

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Fair freshness of the God-breathed spirit air,

Pass through my soul, and make it strong to love; Wither with gracious cold what demons dare Shoot from my hell into my world above; Let them drop down, like leaves the sun doth sear, And flutter far into the inane and bare, Leaving my middle-earth calm, wise, and clear. ‘Tis hard for man to

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Fight of the money bags & strong boxes

(click image to enlarge) this is dated from 1567 by Peter Bruegel. Perhaps a better title might be “the battle of the piggy banks and strong boxes”. After all – the warriors at left are pottery and not bags. This print has been called “a satire on the forces of war and plunder…one of the

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good advice…

With every haunting trouble then, great or small, the loss of thousands or the lack of a shilling, go to God, and appeal to him, the God of your life, to deliver you, his child, from that which is unlike him, therefore does not belong to you, but is antagonistic to your nature. If your

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Still and anon,

a loud clear voice doth call – “Make your feet clean and enter the hall.” They hear, they stoop, they gather each a crumb. Oh, the deaf people! Would they were also dumb! Hear how they talk, and lack of Christ deplore. Stamping with muddy feet about the door, And will not wipe them clean

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I see a door,

a multitude near by, In creed and quarrel, sure disciples all! Gladly they would, they say, enter the hall. But cannot, the stone threshold is so high. From unseen hand, full many a feeding crumb, Slow dropping o’er the threshold high doth come: They gather and eat, with much disputing hum. GM

Good Friday

this is a painting by Breugel in the 1500’s of Christ carrying the cross. May your day be filled with the rich blessings the Lord and Savior Jesus Christs work has provided. Click image for a larger view.

Preparing for Ezekiel

I am getting ready to study Ezekiel, and decided to get some preparatory insight. I opted for the Ray Stedman audio stream, “Wheels, Bones and Restoration”, which is found here. Once you click there you will need to scroll down to find the above titled stream. I highly recommend this preface to anyone wanting to

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The Rohan Master

The Rohan Hours is a book I have had the pleasure of obtaining from my (now late) aunt Topsy. She was an ardent art enthusiast, and she gave me several art books when I helped her move to Minnesota from Boston. She gave me a wonderful gift in these books, and to share I plan

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New Song! hear the drum