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The Seaboard Parish (excerpt 2)

“Well, I will tell you. Be still, my darling, I won’t be long. In the time of the old sacrifices, when God so kindly told his ignorant children to do something for him in that way, poor people were told to bring, not a bullock or a sheep, for that was more than they could

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the shack

…reading this book for a discussion I am having at a church Tuesday…it is to be mild, a bad book…bad story, bad theology, and even bad style…no wonder it sold over 2 million copies. I knew it would be rough when the author in the introduction called God the Great Interferer with a wink and

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cold moon rising

saw the moon unblinking this morning as I went to drop my son off at wrestling…gently trod the snowshoe path in my slippers to grab an image. I couldn’t get it sharp – so I had to accept an impressionist interpretation.

panorama snowfall

We had a beautiful snowfall yesterday, and I thought it would be fun to try out an autostitch feature on my camera. Here are some of the results. Click on the image for a larger rendition. Once you want to close the big image – just press ‘backspace’ to return to the website. I am

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creative core

I was reading recently a writer that described God as the creative core. He (George Macdonald) said that we can better call poets “finders”- since the ideas we “get”are found and given to us from God. I so agree with this. “Why…” he adds “…are you so surprised by the idea, if it was yours

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new banner – week free

Well – I have a week free – vacation style…it looks like I will be able to do some long neglected things, like write. I have been putting off writing – even though I have a couple of tunes going through my head demanding exit. I am still debating how much I want to fix

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Photos added

On Saturday we had a really nice snowfall which inspired me to shoot images for the photo section of the site. I used the same Canon camera I did the video with. I shot for about 2 hours and did about 100 images – go to the photos page for my favorites.

Video added

This is from a melody I wrote last year. I don’t know why it reminds me of snow. I did the video in Canon Powershot SX100. This was combined into a flash movie – player. see Video page for more.

New Song! hear the drum