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Martin Schongauer

In this engraving, The Temptation Of St. Anthony, Martin Schongauer shows dramatic artistic mastery. Martin was the first great engraver to sign his works, and he was an influence of Durer. This engraving is dated c. 1480-1490 (click image for larger version)

prayer, and an artistic epiphany

Yesterday I was in Pajamas Studio working on a new song, which is on prayer, and as I listened to the song and wrote lyrics I walked over to the 30X40 inch image of Fortitude I have in the landing area. As I looked at the image I was impressed with the interesting design of

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Take from me leisure,

all familiar places; Take all the lovely things of earth and air Take from me books; take all my precious faces; Take words melodious, and their songful linking; Take scents, and sounds, and all thy outsides fair; Draw nearer, taking, and, to my sober thinking, Thou bring’st them nearer all, and ready to my prayer.

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with every morn…

… my life afresh must break The crust of self, gathered about me fresh; That thy wind-spirit may rush in and shake The darkness out of me, and rend the mesh The spider-devils spin out of the flesh– Eager to net the soul before it wake, That it may slumberous lie, and listen to the

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blood flow

in Isaiah 63:2-6 Christ in His second coming will judge, and execute wrath with grisly authority. When we read the passage in Isaiah with Revelation 14:14-20 we find an almost unspeakable scenario of wrath and violence. In Isaiah 63 Christ is quoted as saying He trampled on Gods enemies and the blood stained His garments.

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In ‘fortitude’ Pieter Bruegel illustrates the militant qualities required to overcome evil. An angel is in the foreground with a pillar (strength), a book (Gods word), and chains shackling evil. Many grotuesque and common forms of evil are being defeated (peacock – pride, pig – gluttony, funnel – drunkenness / surgical quackery?) A castle is

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“things do go wrong…

…I know grief, pain and fear. I see them lord it sore and wide around.” From her fair twilight answers Truth, star crowned, “Things wrong are needful where wrong things abound. Things go not wrong; but Pain, with dog and spear, False faith from human hearts will hunt and hound. The earth shall quake ‘neath

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striving for the ideal

“…we ought always to act upon the ideal; it is the only safe ground of action. When that which contradicts and resists, and would ruin our ideal, opposes us, then we must take measures; but not till then can we take measures, or know what measures it may be necessary to take. But the ideal

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New Song! hear the drum