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The word fellowship occurs about 17 times in the old and new testament. The Hebrew (OT) word khä·bar’ means to couple together, join…and the Greek (NT) word koi-n?-n?’-ä means fellowship, communion and partner. Fellowship, as indicated in scripture, denotes unity and oneness. Part of the confusion occurring in the church and among Christians today is

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‘Tis hard

for man to rouse his spirit up – It is the human creative agony, Though but to hold the heart an empty cup, Or tighten on the team a rigid reign. Many will rather lie among the slain Than creep through narrow ways the light to gain – Than wake the will, and be born

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my lack of posts is not due to sloth – but rather a lot going on. This is actually a bad excuse – because what I have planned will include (God willing) a combination of work and blog. Have you ever heard the saying ‘if you have something that needs to be done, give it

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looking for lightning

during a car ride the other day I was having a discussion with a friend about experiencing God. Somehow we landed on the topic of ‘big things’ being evidence of God moving. A dramatic healing for example, say – a man being diagnosed with cancer , then it disappears with no medical explanation. I believe

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psychology, self help and morbid introspection

there has been a lot of opinions circulating regarding why this world is so sick. Our political arena is drenched in confusion, doctors and specialists pontificate as to why and how things are so bad – with a dizzying variety of solutions being offered, authors make millions in throwing their opinions into the fray…and all

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John the Baptist

Mat 11:2-3 Now when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples,  and said unto him, art thou he that should come, or do we look for another? While it might be easy for us to think we would recognize Christ when he shows Himself to us,

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New Song! hear the drum