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the art of living…art and life

recently I was talking to someone about music, art and life. As often is the case the topic wove its way through the actual discipline of say, making a song or an artistic statement, and making a living. You know the argument; art vs commerce…artistic integrity…selling out and all that. Along with the topic of

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20 reasons you won’t finish that song…

…or learn that instrument, write that book, complete that screenplay make that drawing or climb that mountain of passion in whatever form it may be. Here’s the deal, this is largely confessional. When I look at what kinds of impediments get in the way of my creative urges, I see patterns. Where I fail and

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epic computer crash…

…well my friends, I had a rather unusual computer crash of epic proportions recently…it was in my main studio rig. I have spent the last days re-designing,  re-installing, re-registering, re-tweaking, re-configuring, re-animating, re-gurgitating, re-adjusting, re-affirming, realizing, reaping, re-apportioning, reascending, reassembling, reassuring, rebounding, rebelling, rebuking, receiving, recapitulating, receding, reclaiming, recognizing, recollecting, recommending, reconciling…and ultimately…RECORDING again…ahhhhhh….I still

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alas my little yahoo media player…

well – yahoo certainly choked on the pulling of their media player…it seems they were too committed to Flash technology and decided to just dump the whole deal…pulled into a dark alley in the dead of night with the media player wriggling and squirming in the trunk – mouth taped shut…steam rises from the gutter,

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Is Jesus Christ the best musician ever?

well… is he? I just listened to a message titled “our inner world” that challenged some of my thoughts on profession, knowledge and Christianity. The question I ask is in response to the question the speaker asks – and to be honest… and I mean brutally honest, my knee-jerk reaction is tainted somewhat with what

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music > do you agree?

I was reading in Luke 15 about the prodigal son (I actually have the Durer print in my studio) and how when the profligate son returned (repentant) there was music and dancing. The lesson of the story is not actually what I am writing about, as much as the etymology path I ended up rambling

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thoughts on music…

someone came up to me the other day and said “I wish I could play the drums like you”. Oh I said – you grab a stick and hit a drum for starters – do you want me to show you how? “Nooooo”, they responded “I was just sayin”…and there, my friends, lies the rub.

new music > tea in tyva

got a new snare head Saturday and wanted to mess with writing a little something and stumbled into this piece…not exactly a standard 🙂 messed with some bigger drums, an obligatory drum roll, native singing, and soaring sounds…and no, this is not the “Car-esque” tune… anyway – enjoy.

on songs, squirrels and shiny things

I have a confession to make. I am easily distracted. My daughter calls it the “squirrel” syndrome. She got the idea from the movie up. Note – mediaplayer is in playlist mode – so please close after video… Truth is I am barraged by fascinating and beautiful sensory input. That would be from this thing

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New Song! hear the drum