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new song and video > facebook kid

facebook_kidfnl from david hill on Vimeo. OK so this song is a laugh about our modern emphasis on virtual relationships… don’t get me wrong – I like virtual technology, it is just strange to see so many people standing next to people in real life – but staring into their phones, oblivious to their surroundings.

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new tune jtmellow

I had Mr. Jonathan Thomas over recently and we wrote a few different things… this one is the first one, which features Jonathan playing lead and rhythm bass over a hip mellow groove. Nice ambient feel IMO. More to come. jtmellow (audio only)

thoughts on creativity

… so I am fixing a water connection to the front of my house, and I look down and see a folded paper on the ground… I pick it up and unfold it, and find this; well, well, well…       a song idea. from when? I had no idea. I have piles of

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new tune > el boomo

picked up some new waves plug ins – including the Kramer PIE – lathered that all over a drum track > fun < el boomo (audio only)

schongauer > the passion

If you have ever visited this site before you know among my favorite artists is Martin Schongauer, who lived 1445 – 1491. Since I have already posted images of his in previous years, I decided to add some of the passion series he engraved to supplement previous images. May you be blessed in this extra-ordinary,

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new song > You’re The One

up next is a song with some difficulties inherent on multiple levels…let me start from the beginning… a few months ago I ordered this Rogue combo pack on a whim, got it – tuned the guitar to open G, grabbed a glass slide, and slid into this song almost on the first few strums. I

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New Song! hear the drum