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mixed 4 songs so far

She is the only woman, Hopes run high, Starlight starbright, If I had a wish…which means much more work to do. Funny how a fix on a vox can send one off on a few hour tangent – hopefully it is all for the better. I am considering some bonus tracks for the cd –

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I am mixing a compilation CD – which will include many tracks found @ the music section of the website…”why?” you ask – well – simply because I need to fix odd vox and pieces of the different songs and a cd seems a nice exclamation point – and I need to send Cd’s out

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lots of changes coming

I have a new song; I am calling it a kind of electro-evangelo – acid jazz…pretty sure this one is an acquired flavor. Further – I have added a Collaboration overview , as well as a Production rates and FAQ section. Not to mention…er I mean also to mention a brand spanking new Collaboration request

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BP explanation

I have a new link for the band (over to the right) – it is a kind of meeting area, and since so much of what we do now in the band is in the idea stage I have opted to password protect that part of the site. Do not fear – there is much

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she is the only woman

a song I wrote this weekend…some notable firsts… a home made coffee bean shaker, using `8 oclock´ coffee beans, a kick mic through the shell side, and first use of my delta 10-10LT audio card… click below to listen…and also,  if anyone is paying attention I am really just about done with `miss your bliss`,

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Pieter Bruegel

is a painter from the 1500’s that I am a big fan of. I recently did a several enlargements from his virtue vice series – and I think I will be looking at and into these for weeks to come. Here are some oil painting copies for your viewing pleasure. The four below are (in

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little drummer

I always wanted to do a version of this, originally I was using the piano to figure out the notes, and decided to keep the stripped down version, some arp’d syth ya’know – stufflikethat….hope you like it. little drummer

ok ok…

breathe already – song tentatively called ‘what it is’..the general direction looks like this…plenty of room to roam.

New Song! hear the drum