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new song in pipeline…

actually – it isn’t in a literal pipe line…it is more in my mind, bits on a hard drive – there is a folder on a dvd with some stuff too..this one is a gonna be more direction acid jazz/funk/soul. Aren’t tags great? Don’t they clear things right up? I was debating putting up my

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new audio interface a-comin

had some help from a fellow musician overseas to put together a new audio interface which will allow for more options than just play and stop…..should have something up at “music” soon.

download request noted

I am in the process of getting the ability to download at the website…long time coming you say? Well – there has been some technical difficulty – but we are hard at it – and hope to be giving you all the possibility to download music to take wherever you please. In the meantime –

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it was bound to happen…

does that mean inevitable? new song passion (tentative name) a comin. kind of an afro electro choral thingy, this’ll be a slightly different direction -but hey – you guys have never feared different have you?

good day

whats been up? well – the somewhat frantic aspects of parenthood to name one thing… the summer sport thing is sometimes a bit hilarious – all weekend tourneys etc etc.. I may be toying with “joy”at some requests…I am planning a download link here pretty quick too.. I’ve been getting requests to be able to

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joy of the Lord is my strength

Well, this song, joy, posed some new challenges – including a drum solo. In psalm 7 David uses the word shiggaion in the title of the psalm, which is from the word shaga “to reel with drink”. It is also used to denote strong emotion and impassioned imagination. Psalm 7 is considered a psalm of

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Hey all

I will probably finish the latest tune this weekend…God willing. It will be interesting in that it will be a tune with a drum solo in it…(I can hear the groans already)…well – don’t forget I am a drummer at heart, and it will be a short solo OK? 40 seconds tops…how’s that for self

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New Song! hear the drum