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the M initiative…

this is the iconic M I am thinking of representing the initiative. The “M” logo if you will. Not sure yet – I might have a friend design a better one, I’ll seek his opinion on the matter. M is for many things; Minnesota, music, Roman number M=1000, magnificent, marginal, motivated, miraculous, mirthful, massive, moot,

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…there is not enough human approval –

to replace the will of God. It will never matter how much the voices of mankind shriek in unison for the fame of the current chosen. God’s will, like a blanket rests comfortably over everything that happens – protecting what is true. DRH

new song > hootchie gootchie bye bye

this song took a lot longer than the usual for several reasons…I enjoyed practicing singing it, I had an epic computer crash, there was a musician I wanted to play bass and he said he would play on the song but never came through (so I had to play it), I was also going through

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new tune > pipebangin

getting back up on my musical legs – metal stuff, multittracking, software serial numbers re-entered, cowbell tappin, synth adjusting, drum kit tweakin, filezilla awakening… voila; pipe bangin

do you like this demo?

a bit of a joke – listen for the prerecorded voice telling me I need to buy the synth – its a soft synth – tune written 1 off errrrr very quick like – and I have not purchased the synth…but it sounds cool right? – whatever…I do like the drums though…even though my tom

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new song > travel alone

this one was partially inspired by something I read in Chambers Christian Disciplines, as well as Galatians 6:5 “For every man shall bear his own burden”. Basically the 2 main points on this are that a) most battles / demons are fought alone when nobody is looking and b) we will ultimately be alone before

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new tune > circuit break

…the last weeks I am working on a pretty heavy blues rock number…loud…in yo face…so much fun to sing in my car I haven’t laid the vocals – plus I dont have the lyrics, plus I’m not really a guitar player and bass player – but the 1 man band thing beckons!!!!!……coming soon God willing!

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new tune > california 2 am

ok – so everyone is gone – its 2 am – what do you do? Play this… go ahead – play it… I did – now its your turn. 🙂 make sure you have some hot rods a busy kick drum, and a squelchy analog synth handy.

New Song! hear the drum